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Well done Lance. Exceptional. (btw, was that the same Julia who blogged at Sisyphus Shrugged?)

Ken Houghton

"I’m told that few of these projects are federally stimulated. I don’t know how we manage it."

$1.27B received so far. And the 23rd is the fifth-largest recipient of funds (and fourth highest in terms of jobs):

Top Congressional Districts Jobs Amount
21st congressional district 34,090.8 $4,214,644,400
14th congressional district 1,996.3 $1,137,722,770
8th congressional district 596.8 $986,998,733
1st congressional district 133.5 $450,215,104
23rd congressional district 409.4 $338,431,076

Ken Houghton

KevinHayden - Yes.

Chris The Cop

Never made sense for the GOP to nominate a moderate Republican for The 23rd anyway. This district - encompassing a huge swath of central and northern NY (and where I was pleased to live for almost 20 years) is a very very conservative area. There are no Rockefeller Repubs there, just a whole bunch of woodchucks who rarely vote Democratic. The guy Hoffman and Owens are vying to replace, John McHugh, wasn't an idealogue, but he wasn't a RINO either. There aren't any Klansmen there (they're both over in Auburn), but there are some John Birchers and overall it's the reddest of reds.


I’ve been asked why I’m such a loyal---read reflexive, even unthinking---Democrat.

Harry Truman summed it up for me:

"If you want to live like a Republican, vote Democratic."


Never made sense for the GOP to nominate a moderate Republican for The 23rd anyway. This district - encompassing a huge swath of central and northern NY (and where I was pleased to live for almost 20 years) is a very very conservative area.

Chris, normally I disagree with you, mildly.

This time, vehemently.

The 23rd is a moderat district. It sent McHugh, Obama's Army Secretary, to Congress. It elected, Sherwood Boehlert, who, aside from having the second most improbable name in Congress from NY (Amo Houghton being number one) was what Rush would call a DIABLO (Democrat in all but label only).

To call the 23rd "very very conservative", especially when you consider NYS contains a hideous odious fascist like Randy Kuhl, is like calling me a right-winger!



Actually, Sherry Boehlert represented what's now the 24th, which though it sticks a finger up into the region mostly in the 23rd, is below it and swings south and east. BUT! That was after a major redistricting and the subsequent re-numbering. Boehlert's district used to be the 23rd and McHugh's used to be the 24th back when the State had more districts.


Never made sense for the GOP to nominate a moderate Republican for The 23rd anyway.

Even without my 20/20 hindsight this has to be the least astute analysis of NY-23 I have come across.

Chris The Cop

Hindsight is 20-20 and Hoffman certainly did lose, but I have been through every county in that district: Oswego, Lewis, St Lawrence, Franklin, Clinton and the rest (lived in two of them) - these are some big empty counties -and I have talked to hundreds of people there so conservative (esp. about gun rights) that it made my hair stand on end. There might be some pockets of blue in the cities (Plattsburgh, Oswego, Watertown - well, there must be if Owens won), but my point was that the state Republicans didn't have to nominate a RINO to win that election. They made a tactical decision to do so and the result was an internecine fight that ended with a Democract winning a seat held by the GOB since Lincoln.


I grew up about 5 miles south of the Oswego County line, so I am perfectly aware of the firebreathing righty element up on Tug Hill and so forth, but the prevailing attitudes in the region are and always have been on the whole very conventionally centrist. Accepting for the sake of argument the wingnuts' claim that Dede Scozzafava is an archliberal, then by their own logic a moderate Democrat and an archliberal combined for 56% of the vote against the darling of the right. That sounds like the politics of the region I know.


Totally with you on Hoffman the Carpetbagger.

That's inexcusable. Srsly.

Tell him to get his fat ass and his cankle-stuffed canary yellow Feragamo pumps back to his sh!thole hamlet in Arkansas. He has no business representing New York.


Oh darn it. Wait a minute.

I think I may have confused him with someone else.


Chris, I own a house in Delaware County, so I hear you and I hear that, and that's why you'll never hear me limit the right to own long guns in rural areas. But I am pro-choice, and many of the people I talk to in county, while pretty religious, understand that kids are kids and mistakes are made that you shouldn't have to live with.

But that's sort of Scozzafava's position and she's won in towns in that district, too.


Clearly you were thinking of the cross-dressing Rudy Giuliani, Dutch.

After all, Hillary is from country folk.

Chris The Cop

Well, I'm glad I could spark something here and at least partially give Lance an idea for a subsequent post.

DKF - what town was it that you grew up in 5 miles south of the Oswego Co. line?

212 - Delaware Co. - now THAT's country. What's the big city thre, Delhi?


It's a toss up, Chris, between Delhi and the Decker family homestead on Thanksgiving night.

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