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Good point about the early 60's and that feeling of jet propulsion; I thought about the Billy Wilder movie, "One, Two, Three" with James Cagney, and how he delivered his lines like a rapid-fire machine gun no matter what the situation.

What I'm hoping to see soon on "Mad Men" is a character that shakes things up at Sterling Cooper (or in some character's orbit) through his or her energy or intensity, burning through the amber that people are stuck in. Somebody that tells the truth and scares people because of it.

(p.s.-Hey, didn't that cow in the video use to be known as Elsie Whitman?)

Gary Farber

We had a milkman when I was a kid. I had to carry the empty bottles out.

This, like a gazillion other things, makes me feel mildly ancient.

We also had phone numbers with letter prefixes.

Gary Farber

You can still get your milk delivered in the UK.

Although that's a bit of a way to travel for you to get your milk.

Of course, you can always order some Tuscan Whole Milk.


This post made me daydream, thus:

What do I want to happen on Mad Men?

Leave Don for what’s-his-name, who falls out – in very short order – either because of his own secrets or because he fails spectacularly as a lover… so there she is… The Dreaded Unattached Divorcee, which makes her go a little bit crazy in bizarre ways that force Don to have the kids full time.

Oh, let him spend some time trying to put together his escape to Duck. I’d actually like him to go for a while so that they can move Harry into his office … which gives them a reason to hire JOAN to run the TV desk, which she was masterful at.

Maybe the buyer of SC can also buy Duck out, partially dismantle him (Bye, Duck.), and fold it in under SC, which would bring Pete back. Awkward. Pete's character is constructed on Awkward.

Once Joan is hired in a more creative function, everything becomes much more dynamic at SC. She can become a girlfriend-ally who helps Peggy put together a decent in-house strategy and tap her own personal power. I want to see these two women starting to shift the yin-yang power balance at the ad agency in ways that unsettles the lot of them. – Meanwhile, once Joan has a job worthy of her talent and presence, she can begin to deal differently with that hideous husband of hers, who needs to be gone from her life eventually, But for now, he can just go to Vietnam, so Joan can become Roger’s best friend and spiritual muse.

Paul has woken up to Peggy three times now. First, when she smoked dope. Second, when she played the competition card so skillfully. Third, the nooner. Lets assume the former girlfriend has moved on. Time for these two to begin their genuine love affair, which must be kept secret in the office. This will get particularly tricky as, together, they become more and more political and activist. And he – oh please let him be a vocal atheist - has the potential to drive Peggy’s blubbering mother to distraction.

Single fatherhood should be interesting to track – especially when Betty has her breakdown and the whole thing falls on his shoulders. See Don juggle. He (with Carla’s help) will notice the dark signs in Sally for the scary things they are and end up falling for her psychiatrist, which can only be helpful and terrifying to Don. I’d like to see Don really transform himself internally, now that he’s practiced doing it externally.

Somebody needs to go to India.

And now, back to you, Lance.

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