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Will is like a five year old boy trying to pitch like Roger Clemens, in that he is desperately trying to be the new William F Buckley, who while thuddingly incomprehensible, was at least poetic in his obtusity.

George Will sounds like Norm Crosby to Buckley's Bing.


Tom Levinson's observation,"...make sure you scatter into your writing/speech — preferably near the top — two or three droplets from the handbook of safe bits of smart-people stuff," reminds me of the device that Star Trek's writers would use back in the day, where they'd cite say, two real-life examples from earth history then throw in a futuristic name (e.g. Genghis Khan, Stalin, Kodos The Executioner).

By the way, I prefer David Frye's rendition of William F. Buckley to Will's.


You've made me happy. George Will is putrefying in front of our eyes, and he's helping take down the entire rotten ship that prints him.


It is right and proper that the nation be ruled by rich white men for their benefit..."

Today, of all days, when "real" print journos across this land are smelling the sickening sweet pyre of burning flesh, not even realizing it's their own - not Limbaugh's - for repeating made up Wikipedia quotes as gospel in their MSM columns... Really, Lance. You're going to put a sock puppet on your hand and have Will's avatar say all the things you WISH he would say? Is that how you honor the journalists who mentored you? Did you really turn in your journalistic ethics card when you clicked the domain purchase button?

This is of course the central idea motivating the corporatist-Big Business-Robber Baron wing of the Republican Party.

Dude. Duuuuuude. Did you actually just use "Robber baron" as an adjective for a man who was born 20 years after that term went moldy??? Or did were you just parroting Jimmy "Kingfish" Carvell? Hahahahahaha! You are killing me!

Well, at least you are wading in to the realm of opposing values. Props for that. You're wearing a set of industrial tarmac-quality ear protectors as you approach the opposition's soapbox, but unlike Actor212 and Derringer, you have the intellectual courage for a tethered expedition from the safety of HuffPo and KOS.



I've met William F Buckley. I've worked with William F Buckley. William F Buckley was not a friend of mine but we were acquainted.

Don't even go there. You have no clue who you are dealing with.

Chris The Cop

I have no idea what Dutch and actor 212 are talking about (not that they write for me) but I always kinda liked George Will - he is a little wordy, no question. But when he puts down that goddam thesaurus, he does make the occasional pithy point about the more outlandish foibles of the modern left.



Will was the first conservative I've ever heard speak a simple truth: American economics is clearly not free market, since companies are allowed to privatize profits, but also to socialize their losses (e.g. deduct them from taxable income, thus making the American people subsidize them).


The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
John Kenneth Galbraith


And we're doing quite well, KLG.

The moral justification for the theft of someone else's work isn't doing so hot.


Even as a teenager, I found Will a smug, prissy little twit.


to give an intellectual and cultural veneer to the particle board soul of the party.

Boy, that Lance Mannion can sure turn a phrase and roast someone so well they know they're completely Donne.

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