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I thought you'd never get to (sigh) Betty Rubble, who has the body of a goddess.

As for Marhe Simpson, I envision a clothing malfunction with nipple rings composed of donuts.


I misspelled 'Marge'. It's Bart's fault.

Ken Houghton

"Yes, I’ve looked. What do you think, I spend all my time on the web reading economics blogs and following the links from Atrios?"

G-d, I hope not. Would hate to think I'm that redundant.

All right, where are the Naked Julie Kavner pictures?? (Yes, my wife once body-doubled for her, but one can only sleep through so much literotica in a day.)


I've seen the Marge Playboy pics, and they are innocuous in the extreme. A faint hint of a nipple through lingerie is as far as nudity goes. The drawings- a cozy firelit cabin in some snowy place, Homer's presence as a shadow on the wall- are gentle and humorous. It's interesting that we're seeing a scene of an intimate getaway for Homer and Marge- she's being sexy for him, not us. Which is significant I think. And her Playboy interview/questionnaire is absolutely hilarious.


The drawings- a cozy firelit cabin in some snowy place, Homer's presence as a shadow on the wall- are gentle and humorous. It's interesting that we're seeing a scene of an intimate getaway for Homer and Marge- she's being sexy for him, not us.

Belvoir, that's good to know, and as it should be.


Ok, what director cast Julie Kavner in a role she needed a body double for?


Sex is one of the few aspects of human life The Simpsons generally shies away from.

I disagree. There's an awful lot of sex and innuendo in the Simpsons, it's just hammered into you the way Family Guy does it (you might have missed the episode where Bart gets his first kiss with the inference he got laid, as well).

The Simpsons deals more with the emotionality of human sexuality, the consequences to the people around them. Like the episode where Homer and Marge have to tell Bart why they got maried, or like the episode where Homer manages the country singer Lurleen, which ends with him and Marge in a hotel room.

Which leads me to one more observation. While I think Marge Simpson has a bangin' body (there was the episode where she gets mugged and starts lifting weights...rowwwwwwwwwwwwwr!), the fact that whenever I see her on the show naked, there's almost always Homer naked as well.

Errrrrrrrrr, talk about deflationary spiral...


And Lance?

A foursome with Josie and the Pussycats. But particularly Melody...


Why hasn't Matt Groening been kicked down a flight of stairs yet?


What makes you think he hasn't, Norbie?


I want to wholeheartedly concur with actor212. Obviously, Lance, you're missing a lot of Simpson's episodes. Homer was tempted by doughnut-loving Mindy Simmons aka Michelle Pfeiffer (rawrrrr) into a hotel room. More than one episode opened or closed with Homer turning out the lights and Marge giggling in bed. There was the famous episode where Homer lent his matress to the pastor because of the pastor's bad love life, which in turn cursed Homer/Marge's whoopie time. And one of my favorite episodes was when Marge went to prison, and Homer came to the prison to provide... ah, spousal relief. Marge attacked him like a cougar. Oh, and she was a body-builder for a while, and then she just took sex when she wanted it from him.

Are we all okaley dokaley now?


it's just hammered into you the way Family Guy does it
There should be a "not" in there somewhere...

Scott Edwards

Pencil in the ear? For shame on your Simpson knowledge! Homer has a crayon (Powder Blue to be exact) that he had Moe shove up his nose into his brain (from the episode HOMR)


Scott, d'oh! I had it as a crayon when I was writing the post but the Simpsons expert in the house corrected me. It's fixed now. Thanks for the catch.

J, actor, I admit it, I haven't seen every episode. But I did see the one with Michelle Pfeiffer and it's one of the storylines I had in mind when I said that on The Simpsons sex isn't treated with the same slob humor as just about every other human activity is treated. Actor said it better, "The Simpsons deals more with the emotionality of human sexuality".


Johnny Bravo. But you can't find Johnny Bravo porn anywhere.

I'm told.

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