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"For them, that feeling is the only truth."

If you haven't yet read Charlie Pierce's book Idiot America, you should. Everybody should. It expands on your single sentence and cites examples like the Dover evolution trial, the Terry Schiavo case, and the Pennsylvania memorial to the passengers on the 9/11 plane which crashed there.

Mike Schilling

Yet Limbaugh is incensed by the inaccurate "quotes" that were circulated during his recent attempt to buy an NFL team. Not sure why, when they felt so true.


Mmmm. Yeah.

This so reeks of "birth certificate fever."

If the dude had spent $15 for a copy of his birth certificate and made it public instead of spending $60,000 to keep it locked in a vault, there would be no contraversy.

And by the same token (Freudian pratfall!) if he and his wife hadn't redacted and squelched all of their college papers before the campaign, there would be no ... joke? (Are we really calling this a joke? Do you really think PBO's actual college papers are so different? These are all his words from speeches mashed into a mock term paper. Give the prankster some props for leaving out PBO's racist use of the term "Typical White Folks.")

The reason we should have known this screed was NOT the college thesis of PBO is because it's grammatically solid. The samples we DO have of Mr. Editor of the Harvard Law Review's college writing are pretty abysmal. He didn't have Billy Ayres ghost writing his term papers back then.


I wondered how "Chief Korir" was going to extend his stranglehold over the gullibility of right-wing Americans.

Last year, it was the Whitey tape in which Michelle Obama was supposedly heard talking about White Americans. This year, the "senior thesis".

Hand it to "Korir". He has these idiots by the short hairs.

Errrrrrrrr, Dutch? The state of Hawaii released his CoB.


"If the dude had spent $15 for a copy of his birth certificate and made it public instead of spending $60,000 to keep it locked in a vault, there would be no contraversy."

One of the basic things that's crippling conservative "messaging" is that they're producing narratives that are so insular and disconnected from perceived reality that no one outside their particular clan knows what the hell they're talking about. Does anyone have the slightest idea where that $60,000 figure came from?



I don't, Mike, but I do think you're right. I think we've reached a point -- I think our host has possibly opined this more than once -- where there simply isn't anything Obama can do to appease these people. It seems like Dutch and his like have just decided that Obama Is Evil And Illegitimate, and that's all there is to it.

I mean, for crying out loud, the birth certificate was released, but that wasn't good enough. As we see above. It has to be fake and phony, because to the really hardcore types, Obama himself is fake and phony.

I'm not saying anything new here, I know, but that still just boggles me. It has to be shady, because Obama's evil? I mean, that's not even a straw man, that's just naked hate.


Falstaff, this is a crowd that falsely claimed the kerning on a valid military document was impossible, despite IBM's own admission that not only was that typeface available when Bush served in the TANG, it was a common typeface and usually included in the purchase of Selectric typewriters.

It goes beyond naked hatred of Obama to puerile "fingers in ears, lalalala, I'm not listening" stupidity.


Excellent point, really.

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