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Further National Parks blogging here.

I'm being educated by the series, particularly about early heroes whose names I didn't know.

And Episodes 4, 5, and 6 will have one of my favorite authors, Nevada Barr, talking about Mesa Verde!

minstrel hussain boy

i love this series, after only one, i love it...

although, there are several native american nations who look at many of our parks as monuments to stolen land. it really doesn't make it better that it's being shared with everybody, it's still, for the most part, stolen.

ask the chumash about yellowstone. ask the havasupai about the grand canyon. ask the chiricauhua about cochise monument, ask the lakotah and the cheyenne about mount rushmore and the black hills, ask the paiute about zion national, ask the navajo about painted desert....the list my friends, is truly endless.


One, I'm an idiot and didn't realize it was running every day this week, but only on Sundays. Duh. So I missed yesterday's ep - and I definitely am pissed about missing Teddy.

Two, I loved this post. I wish we could have a long conversation to unpack the different points you made. My mother has gotten to the place where she gets in people's faces. It doesn't seem like you're quite there yet. But seriously, people are blaming teachers? Because that's where the system is broken. Bah. It's very frustrating. Great post, though.


Chumash in Yellowstone? I thought they were a southern California group. Or am I thinking of someone else?

Not to challenge your larger point, mhb, which is a good one and one worth remembering.

minstrel hussain boy

my mistake (even after i read your comment rana, i was still reading "yosemite" which is what i meant to type)

thanks for pointing out my error. yellowstone would more likely have been blackfoot or shoshone. and thank you, when you noticed the error, you still got my point.

correction welcomed, and it's good to be understood.


Lance, I hope you don't mind if I take a little indirect credit for this post :-)

Apparently, we were on the same wavelength yesterday.

I was struck by how the three people involved besides you (the clerk, the worker, and the unseen teacher) all share something in common: underpaid and underappreciated. You'd think this would put them all in the same boat, but apparently the corporatocracy that runs America has put us at each other's throats.

Ken Houghton

TR should be totemized, if for nothing else, for turning American football into a competitive sport by requiring that "forty pounds of equipment to play rugby."

Mike Schilling

Likewise the organized resentment against Koreans (and other shop owners) by Farrakhan and his ilk. The plight of the people on the the bottom of the ladder aren't caused by the people one rung up.


Every time I think the pendulum is at its apex, it keeps on moving to the right anyway. We are a far, far way away from wresting control of the airwaves and political campaign funding system, and all the other levers of manipulation that are making ours a cruel, feudal society. Obama won't or can't stop it.

If TR was alive today, the he would be portrayed as an overcompensating short man ("big stick...riiiight") with funny glasses, socialist proclivities and anger management problems. The right would buy that B.S. and the left would consider him unelectable because the B.S. was out there.

minstrel hussain boy

i think my favorite TR moment was during his failed 3rd party campaign. he was giving a stump speech, a would be assassin shot him in the shoulder. he tucked his left arm into his vest, finished the speech.

teddy was born again hard.

fed-up fed

Great article, Lance (as usual). Just one tiny factual correction: the U.S. Forest Service falls under the Department of Agriculture, and has a completely different mission than the National Park Service, which is part of the Department of the Interior. Therefore, "[Reagan's] Interior Department" (while undoubtedly guilty of many outrages concerning NPS, BLM, and other DOI lands) could not have sold off the literal National Forests.

Sorry to nitpick, but having been an employee of both agencies I'm constantly having to explain the difference between the two.

Looking forward to Eagan's book.


One thing that is constantly ignored when people focus on the summer vacations teachers get:

They are constantly "on" all day. Most white-collar jobs, you sit a desk, you do some work, you stop and let your head clear, you surf the net, you do some more work.

Not teachers. From 8-3 they are totally invested in working. Its series of seven or eight 50 minute performances, separated by 3 minute breaks.


Dave's point is a really good one. Next time some moron decides to take teachers down a peg, ask him or her if he'd want to stand in front of a room full of eight year olds for seven hours and talk the entire time.


Fed up fed, that's not a nitpick, it's an important correction. Thanks for the catch. I was using the forests as a synecdoche, but it was an inept one.

Formerly Apostate

This post made me want to call you up for a chat. But I don't know your number. Gah!

The post was a nice interlude in my life of constant legal study. I am, and have been for some time, firmly entrenched in the bottom half of corporate American structures, and I couldn't agree more. Our lifestyles suck. They suck at every level except at the very top. They suck even at the level where I have been floating - decent pay and healthcare and so forth - it still sucks. It's no way to live. Worse, we've exported our "values" to the rest of the world.

Who changes it though? And how? I would say revolution, and that's why I'm going to be a lawyer, but the system is rigged. I'll graduate six figures in debt - that's their way of making sure I continue to slave for them rather than work for some greater subversive cause.

It seems hopeless, and I kick myself sometimes for playing their game - but if I remove myself from the game, they'll win.

At the moment, in a myopia induced by submersion in a terribly hierarchical and authoritarian system, I'm miserable and isolated, surrounded by assholes of the first variety, the most cutthroat right-wing types who imagine they'll be part of that tiny minority at the top if only they persist in trampling on everyone in their vicinity.

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