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Marianne Molleur


I guess Elizabeth Warren doesn't count as she works for Congress? Her profile's as high as Solis' is.

If you've never seen her talk on bankruptcy, I recommend you check it out on YouTube.

She's one of the few with any platform who gives voice to the ruination facing working class and many who call themselves middle class.


Marianne, thank God for Warren, but, yeah, she doesn't count in this instance because she works for Congress.


I applaud the Obama administration for saving the banking industry (as odious as it is) and preventing a recession from becoming a depression. He could go Hoover or FDR, and he chose FDR. Thank you President Obama.

Sunny jim

Frank Rich vs. Matt Taibbi as moral arbiters of what Obama's supporters are feeling and thinking? I trust my gut, and trust Taibbi in a heartbeat. Lance, I love this blog and am hesitant to criticize, but you and some of your readers were all wet the other day when you did a hit job on Taibbi and dismissied him as a full-of-shit clown.
Again, this is just my opinion, but I am connecting some dots: In 2000, no one mocks Al Gore's sighs and eye-rolling more than Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd in the Times and George Bush ends up as president. Years later, Rich is a leading Bush critic. Then in '03 and '04 the New York Times completely flubs its responsibilities to call out Bush and Cheney's lies that got us into Iraq, and now Rich points to the retired generals who shilled for the war on tv?
As last October's bailouts begin, Taibbi - writing mainly for Rolling Stone - starts jumping out of his seat, throwing objects around the room, cursing and swearing. Outraged? Hell, he's ready to get out the torches and pitchforks. His invective-laced diatribes continue as he "reports" on AIG and Goldman Sachs.
Was Frank Rich equally outraged from the outset of all this? If he was I must have missed it. Now Rich conjectures on those "disillusioned" and "disturbed" Obama supporters. Yeah, OK, whatever.
Does Taibbi go over the top when he calls out Paulson and the Wall Street CEO's, the Immelts and Jack Welshes? Yeah he does, and he won't win the academic awards that Rich might. But I'll trust Taibbi hands down to maintain his MORAL ground.


Jim, Criticism of the blogger is why God created comment sections. I admit I was in a bad mood when I wrote about Taibbi last week but I did say that enjoy his writing and often agree with him. My point was that he's giving his opinions, which is fine. I was just tired of reading other bloggers pushing his opinions as they were facts. Rich has come a long way since 2000, unlike most of his colleagues. I can't help trusting his opinions more than Taibbi's because, as I said in this post, Rich often seems to have stolen mine. :)


PS. Don't know if you saw this in my Twitter Updates in the sidebar: "Not the biggest Taibbi fan going, but he sure makes the right people mad. h/t @jayrosen_nyu"

Sunny Jim

Thanks - the Columbia Journalism Review link is a must read. The title says it all: 'Don't Dismiss Taibbi'. I agree: over the top or not, Rolling Stone or otherwise, he is doing some real and all-too-rare investigative journalism. The freedom Taibbi has to call one of the Masters of the Universe an asshole is the same freedom that lets him stay outraged and keep that higher moral ground.


You are not paranoid. I sometimes think Rich is stealing from my blog. And NOBODY reads my blog.

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