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This isn't about her. This isn't about sex. It's about the children.

I disagree. This IS about her, this IS about sex, and this is about the moral panic that ensues when women are revealed to be independent sexual agents.

You get it right in your last paragraph and in the rest of the post. This is sexual shaming at its finest. She deserved to be humiliated because she didn't act the part of the good woman and pretend she wasn't a sexual creature in some private part of her life. How dare she!

How disgusting, by the way, that not only did someone send it to the TV station - I can understand an individual being an asshole - but that they made a story out of it and used the image - which means more than a few assholes had to come together to make this happen. How fucking disgusting.

Stoning is right.

I blame the patriarchy.

Sean Paul Kelley

Excellent post in every way, Lance. Thank you.

Timmy Mac

I'll do you one better in re: talking about sex with one's kids. In the age where everyone's taking naked pictures of themselves and emailing them to friends, this might be a really teachable moment for showing your kids why they might not want to do so.


To quote the bard, Don Henley:

I make my living off the evening news
Just give me something-something I can use
People love it when you lose,
They love dirty laundry


I called the station to express my outrage at how they reported the story. Yes, keep the disgruntled dad's identity secret, but air the accidental private footage the teacher mistakenly put on the DVD. If this were a male teacher on the tape, it wouldn't have been aired. And if the dad was really outraged, why send it to press? Mean mean mean. We have enough problems finding good teachers, this is just cruel and unnecessary. However... its the fault of the "news" station for thinking this is OK.

Here is their number.
2713 Kovr Dr
Broderick, CA 95605-1600
(916) 374-1313

Walter Biggins

Thanks, Lance. What a great post about such a tawdry affair.


Sounds like voyeurism to me.
Isn't such supposedly an offense to 'public decency' ? And the distributors are always the ones charged. Just sayin'.

Chris The Cop

Good points all, Lance, but...

What in the name of God makes you want to film yourself having sex? (Not you Lance---now THERE's a mental picture)


In the reporter's video blog, he patronizingly explains why this story is news, its because she's a teacher, and so she is held to a HIGHER STANDARD, just like journalists are too, and therefore...well, he didn't really explain why a teacher having sex is news but apparently those poor little kiddies were just so upset, therefore they and their teacher had to become a national news story -- which he also boasts about, too. What a smug, slimy, self-important character.


actor212.. Why is the "news" station using a 900 phone number?

Do they charge us when we call in & complain?


Arthur, that's not a 900 number, that's the area code for Sacramento.

I could understand an argument being made on reporting the content of the story without naming the teacher or using the tape. I cannot understand why the tape was used or why the teacher was named.


Do they charge us when we call in & complain?

Hm. I smell a profit to be made here...

Start a company. Make a really shitty product. Charge people to call into complain about it. maybe hire Catbert for customer service rep.

Call it "MicroSoft".



What you didn't capture is how unbelievably smarmy the coverage is. The opening graphic of the story contains the phrase "XXX Mistake". Just grotesque. One of the other news stories says that the clip is 6 seconds long.

The guy who is outraged is clearly trying to set up a law suit against the school district. He actually asked his child if that was his teacher - as if a responsible parent would request that their child either watch or think about the tape again. A fifth grade boy with that in his head is going to have enough to deal with without dad piling on his sexual neurosis. Unbelievable.

And of course, she can't sue without further compromising her ability to get a teaching job. She has no need of her name getting out further in the public, and that would do it.

evil is evil

To Chris the cop, some of us will do anything to get laid.

Somewhere in Hong Kong or Singapore there are photographs of me having sex with four separate Chinese women. Aspen, last day of their vacation and NO sex.
Their condition was I had to be photographed in THE act. That really screwed with my mind, but I sorta got into it shortly.

One was very upset and horrified. So after I showered after the third one, I started to leave. She started to cry and her pals forced me to one more act. She wanted sex on the damn balcony in the middle of the winter in Aspen.

I ate enough speed that I didn't sleep for three days.

Yeah, I can see letting hubby making a video. There is also a photograph of me about two years after returning to the US after going to Vietnam as a teetotaler, nonsmoker, no drugs, conservative patriot.

I have hair past my shoulders, a full beard, I'm holding a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand with a roach and a bottle of beer with a cigarette in the other hand. My brother in law tried to blackmail me with a copy of the photograph. I told him I'd pay him $200 if he could get me 5 clear copies blown up to poster size.

He, also, didn't believe that I would drive from Oregon to Florida to collect $500 he'd promised to repay. He was wrong on that too.

Fuck 'em all but nine. Six for pallbearers, two for road guards and one to call cadence.

Tip to horny men. If you simply cannot get laid, move to Denver and go up to Aspen, Vail, Copper Mountain etc but wait till Thursday night. The tour buyer women have 7 days. The first night they will only date doctors, the second night only doctors and lawyers, the third night doctors, lawyers and accountants, the fourth night doctors, lawyers, accountants and dentists. The fifth night is "O my god, I don't have anything to tell the girls at work." Helps if you are a long haired hippy working construction and making more money doing concrete work in the middle of the winter than a lawyer made in a year.


Why? Well, duh. Any woman who would film herself nakedandaroused is obviously a dirty, filthy slut worthy of slut-shaming and humiliation and shouldn't be teaching our precious, innocent kids donchaknow. /sarcasm

I'm so, so, so angry I have steam coming out of my ears. I dunno if I wanna smash things or cry first.

Chris The Cop

evil: LMAO. Expand that post a few thousand more words and you've got yourself a Hunter Thompson novel.
And I have to admit: you did make me think that well, maybe it's not such a weird idea...

willow: you've got to chill here. I'm not saying filming herself makes this school teacher "a dirty, filthy slut" etc, I'm just at a loss for why someone would do it. (At least I was until I read evil's comment: 4 at once - GODDAMN)

Apostate: I don't think that not wanting my daughters aged 7 and 9 to see (hypothetically) their teacher having sex means that I am engaging in "moral panic that ensues when women are revealed to be independent sexual agents."

BUT... there was still no reason to broadcast the story, no reason at all.


Chris The Cop: I'm sorry I wasn't clearer in my comment. This certainly wasn't aimed at you. It was just supposed to be the (paraphrased, sarcastic) thought processes of the folks who decided this should be on TV.

Again, I totally apologize. My goal is to someday be able to write things so that other people understand what I meant.


you're kidding, right? A teacher distributes autopornography to her students, and you're getting all kinds of pearl-clutching indignant at how the media is treating her? What in the world do you expect? You're worried about how humiliated she feels? Tell me this, how much humiliation do you think she should feel? Would you prefer it to be none at all? That the community she just shrug it off as "the kind of mistake anyone could make?" What irresponsible nonsense.

Look, we hold those people who act in loco parentis to a high moral standard and well we should. That she even stores her home-brewed porn on the same disk as those of her students is frankly repulsive.

Ann Bartow

Thanks for this. My theory about why the situation unspooled as it did is somewhat different than "sex sells" and has to do with ubiquitous pornography and the Madonna/whore dichotomy. But your post is still great, and I'm going to send a link to a lot of friends.


Dude, what part of "accident" do you not understand?

Heaven help you if you ever have a day when you are less than perfect, or when your idea of perfection fails to mesh up with someone else who has the ability to cause you trouble because of it.

Remember "to err is human"? Or "judge not, lest ye be judged?"

Also: don't kids watch the news? So, where's your scorn for them? Or the man who passed this on to them? Aren't they also "distributors"? On, in their case, they have NO excuse - their actions are deliberate and done to boost their own sense of righteous self-importance.

Kinda like yours, in fact.


Horrible. Poor woman. And sadly, you're so right in that last paragraph.


John 8:3-11

...scribes and Pharisees...[said] unto him,
Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act...the law commanded us that such should be stoned...
Jesus...said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

...they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one...
Jesus said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?
She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more...

Isn't it delightful that in this tired old world there are some perfect people: 'Joe,' the reporter and the TV execs who decided this story was worth airtime.


Teachers have always been held to wacky standards, especially in small towns. Single and want to date? Find another town.

The "news" station. If this is the news, we're screwed.

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