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It would be hard to convince me that there is not a prurient component to these strip searches, and to the attitudes of some of the justices. I cannot see how this differs in any significant way from sexual abuse.


Breyer's lost a bit off his faastball.

Is this going to be argued by the school district along the lines of the "24" defense of torture? She had a ticking time bomb of Advil in her panties?

the blonde

i am furious after reading the remarks of our clueless supremes. ruth is the only one who was ticked off. you shouldn't have to be female to be outraged by this violation.

Sarah TX

Oh lord, reading that transcript made me sick to my stomach. Just remembering the constant, unremittant body shame that constituted all 4 years of my high school experience.


Oh god. I am so upset to hear about how the proceedings are going (though I suppose not too surprised given the make up of the court). I was incredibly disturbed and upset to hear about this case.

The idea that the school thinks they are off the hook because they didn't touch the girl is madness. This is power run amok. The school had to protect her as well as the rest of the students.


Stephen Breyer is a freakin' disgrace as a father, lawyer, and judge if he really believes the utter bullshit he spouted today. And Clarence Thomas laughed just a little too much. Was he thinking of a hair on a soft drink can? Long Dong Silver?


Protect your son and forget the in loco parentis crap. As you persuasively described, there are way too many twisted characters working in positions of authority to give them any more power than they already have. Protect your own.

minstrel hussain boy

my kids were always under the admonition to "call my dad" when ever they felt things were getting too far.

i'm a semi-civilized apache, unless you fuck with my kids. at that point, i go totally fucking old school tribal. the only appeal in that case would have been on my mass murder, scalping rampage.



You shook your head:

I don't get it, though. The Right Wingers are all parents.

Yup. And they're happy to righteously chip away at the freedoms of your kids, because they know perfectly well that it won't ever affect their own kids' freedom.

If abortion were outlawed throughout America tomorrow, it would have only the slightest effect on the reproductive freedoms of the Bush twins or John McCain's daughter Meghan--it would mean the annoyance of a plane trip instead of the convenience of a taxi ride.

If the daughter [granddaughter?] of a Supreme Court Justice walked into school with five pounds of pot and a Glock taped to her body, the first faculty member who so much as whispered the idea of strip-searching her would be fired, simply as a precaution, even before her family's lawyers had a chance to descend on the place.

Restricting Young Mannion's rights won't have any consequences for their own families, and they know it.


This is outrageous, but the way things have been going in America with women's rights and civil rights in general, sadly not surprising. We're encouraging the worst of people's authoritarian instincts. Have you read Faludi's The Terror Dream, Lance?

Sigh. Depressing shit.

David Gordon

It is simply against the law in CA Ed Code:

49050. No school employee shall conduct a search that involves:
(a) Conducting a body cavity search of a pupil manually or with an
(b) Removing or arranging any or all of the clothing of a pupil to
permit a visual inspection of the underclothing, breast, buttocks,
or genitalia of the pupil.


Unfortunately, David, the law as written says nothing about telling a student to remove his or her own clothing - which is what happened in this case. It's a loophole that should probably be closed.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Scott Lemieux says that it's pretty much a certainty that the Supreme Court will side with the schools, thanks to the authoritarian bent of the Right Wingers on the Court plus Breyer's adolescent take on things. I don't get it, though. The Right Wingers are all parents.

As nothstine has pointed out, there are two types of law - one that applies to the aristocracy, and one that applies to everyone else.

Just Outside the Lines

Did anyone try to "locate" the real "parentis" before requiring the student to take her clothes off?

It would make a huge difference to me if the school had first phoned a parent to inform them of the action they were about to take!

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