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Cleveland Bob

Lance, you've hit yet another towering home run outta the park. Bravo.


Lance, I think you have found your Muse. Too bad that it's corruption! *laughs*

No, seriously, this is a really great piece, as have many of your recent posts been.


I agree with Cleveland Bob. You parked this one in the seats, Lance.


Great post.

In a just world, these scumbags would wake up and realize they're not special and we're just not into them. In a really just society, they'd wake up behind bars.

Chris The Cop

I'd feel a lot more outrage at the AIG bonuses if Congress hadn't taken the provision allowing the bonuses out, then put it back in, then acted shocked, shocked! that it was still there, then decided to tax the bonuses at 90 percent, thinking that would cover up the smell.

The government agreed to provide $170 BILLION dollars to this one company. It leaves me speechless.

Nobody looks good here. In fact, everyone: Congress, the President, AIG, banks looks awful.

mac macgillicuddy

What Chris the Cop said!


Matt Taibbi explores the taking over of government by Wall Street psychopaths:

"The reality is that the worldwide economic meltdown and the bailout...cemented and formalized a political trend that has been snowballing for decades: the gradual takeover of the government by a small class of connected insiders, who used money to control elections, buy influence and systematically weaken financial regulations.

"The crisis was the coup de grâce: Given virtually free rein over the economy, these same insiders first wrecked the financial world, then cunningly granted themselves nearly unlimited emergency powers to clean up their own mess. And so the gambling-addict leaders of companies like AIG end up not penniless and in jail, but with an Alien-style death grip on the Treasury and the Federal Reserve — "our partners in the government," as Liddy put it with a shockingly casual matter-of-factness after the most recent bailout.

"The mistake most people make in looking at the financial crisis is thinking of it in terms of money, a habit that might lead you to look at the unfolding mess as a huge bonus-killing downer for the Wall Street class. But if you look at it in purely Machiavellian terms, what you see is a colossal power grab that threatens to turn the federal government into a kind of giant Enron — a huge, impenetrable black box filled with self-dealing insiders whose scheme is the securing of individual profits at the expense of an ocean of unwitting involuntary shareholders, previously known as taxpayers."


i would love to pay a million a year in taxes

as my net then would be much more than my gross now


Such insight, such wisdom, such supple prose! If you need a parasite, I'm available.

Comment removed

Comment removed by editors. Spam. Thanks for the heads up, ajay.


Lance, this guy's been spamming websites for days with articles excerpted from German news sites.

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