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Well, you could write about the Twilight phenomenon, but that's just depressing.

You could take some pics of your neighborhood and wax poetic about how in every spring in every year, there is a different green. Oh, that's been done.

Seemed to me that whenever E.B. White ran out of things to write about, he'd write about his daschund, or about his morning jaunts in Manhattan.

A friend asked me once, if I could write like anyone at all, who would it be? Or, what would happen if, for instance, Stephen King and Dave Barry switched desks? Monster boogers? Superflu antics?


The new NYT conservative columnist's sickeningly sleazy behavior when he was an undergrad?

Bill Nothstine

The best/worst endings for popular TV series?



George W. Bush's outstanding stewardship of the Texas Rangers when he was co-owner.



- Duchovny's Californication / The Office / Daily Show / Colbert Report
- Angelina Jolie adopting another kid this week (I have no idea if this is true but it seems to happen every time I look at the news)
- Leno vs Letterman vs Kimmel vs Conan
- Somalian pirates. Yaaaarrrrr!
- Your daily routine

Mike Schilling

Reviews of Wodehouse novels would make a nice 97-part series. _The


Write about something ordinary as if it were a strange and bizarre phenomenon - or about a time when you realized that you'd become so used to something odd that it no longer seemed so?

(I'm no good at these.)

velvet goldmine

As I just joined Facebook and find it somewhat bewildering and unwieldy, I'd suggest some serious Mannion thoughts on whether our thinking and communication patterns are seriously altered by the forms of popular communication tools. Do all these status updates that Twitter and Facebook encourage, for example, make us relentlessly trivial?

Not to mention arrogant? Is it a return to warmer impulses, the back fence chatter about what we're cooking for diiner and what our new favorite books are?

Velvet is: Happy to see old friends, but not sure whether she's really "catching up" with anyone.

Velvet is: Sorry she has pictures of her guinea hens instead of herself on her profile page, but is currently unable to find a picture of herself that doesn't look like Sam Kinison. In fact, some old pals recently posted 4th and 5th grade pictures of Velvet on her own defenseless page, and yup: Baby Kinison.



As it happens, I am a Somalian pirate and my daily routine mostly includes chasing down ships, holding people at gunpoint, filling my cargo holds with loot, running from the destroyers sent after us by various know, same old, same old.

Cleveland Bob

--Your favorite outside activity.

--The future of American dynasty in Afghanistan.

--The value of live/community theatre.

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