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Excellent recitation of the facts. If the Democrats would just list these facts during each election, they'd win those elections. The Democrats would rather be the nice guys that get along with everyone. When that happens, Republicans win. Just list the facts, Democrats, and you will win.


You are right that it is the media's fault that the majority doesn't realize exactly how much the Republicans love to screw the ordinary person. Unfortunately, that's not about to change any time soon.

The Republicans are going to succeed in destroying the country before enough people cop to their game to prevent it.

Doghouse Riley

"Millions for ideology, but not once cent for survival."

And, y'know, it would be particularly amusing, if it weren't so galling, to listen to Michael Steele from a mid-sized Midwestern city, run by Republicans for 32 of the last 40 years, which has just built its NFL team a billion-dollar football palace (replacing one 25 years old) the team contributed nothing to, and had just enough time to absorb the news that the trans-legal taxing authority which controls the place is $45M in the red this year, and has $43M in bond payments to make thanks to the collapse of financial markets, before the NBA team starts whining that it wants the $15M a year it spends on operating costs for the stadium we built for it eight years ago (replacing one 25 years old) absorbed by the same bunch. Got a new $1.25 billion state-of-the-art airport terminal, too; we've revived downtown over the past thirty-five years with tax dollars and tax abatements; nobody builds anything large without a government guarantee in pocket first. And our (Republican) governor seems to think his job is to junket around the country and across Asia trading tax breaks for PR announcements of how many jobs he's bringing to the state, while what's left of the auto industry is permitted to rot. I mean, we don't even need to get into the jobs government actually creates before we dismiss the carnival pitchmen of the Right.


Living here in California, the tidbit that leaped from the article for me was this:

"The Senate Republican leader, Dave Cogdill, said he thought he had all the votes needed to get the deal done in each house. But on Sunday, two Republican senators — Dave Cox, who was originally thought to be the last vote needed, and Abel Maldonado, whom Mr. Schwarzenegger had been able to woo into voting against his party in the past — said they would reject the plan.

"Democrats, who had already given into Republicans’ long-held dreams of large tax cuts for small businesses and for some of the entertainment industry and a proposed $10,000 tax break for first-time home buyers, balked at Mr. Maldonado’s request that the Legislature tuck a bill into the package that would allow voters to cross party lines in primaries.

“'I think with an open primary, we would have good government that would do the people’s work,' Mr. Maldonado said."

WHAT?! We're in a massive budget crisis here and this thing stopped because you couldn't get this big-fight side issue "slipped" into the package?! All in the name of "good governance"! That. Is. Cherce.

Fiddle. Burn. Fiddle. Burn.


Spot on, Lance. I'm dismayed reading about what's about to hit out here in California. I'm also really sick of teachers, the arts, social workers and the like being devalued, degraded and defunded. It goes beyond being pound-foolish to sheer aggression. Some people just don't count to these fuckers, and that's pretty much the definition of movement conservatism - who cares, just try to get yours and screw over everybody you hate (for irrational reasons) or just don't give a damn about. California will become what the GOP wants the entire nation will become. I hope voters aren't as stupid as these lawmakers, nor as gutless as the press, but I fear severe damage will be done before some of these bastards can be thrown out.


Ambinder at The Atlantic points out that embedded in the stimulus bill is one of the largest tax cuts in history, which might give some Republicans fits in 2010 when they try to run against the stim (an ugly but somewhat funny abbreviation, I think).


Two words for Republicans" Newt. Gingrich.

It never pays to be on the wrong side of history.

topsy, part one

Cutting 20,000 jobs (and that's just for starters) is what happens when you "drown government in the bathtub." That's just a metaphor to a well-paid welfare queen like its creator, Grover Norquist, who wouldn't have a job if he didn't have "big government" to serve as the whipping boy for his anti-tax "foundation", with its links to his old buddy from the College Republicans, Jack Abramoff.

Unfortunately, Norquist's catchy little metaphor is reality for the people he obviously thinks are expendable, along with all the programs they administer. See you in line at the DMV, Grover; if there's any justice, they'll skip his fucking number or lose it altogether--and that wouldn't be half bad enough.

Chris The Cop

Three things:

1)"This is how Right Wing agitprop minister and pseudo-historian Amity Shlaes is able to argue that the New Deal didn't reduced unemployment."

The problem is the New Deal really didn't. (And I don't know Shlaes from spray paint) See below:

1923-29 - 3.3 percent unemployment
1930 - 8.9
1931 - 15.9
1932 - 23.6
1933 - 24.9
1934 - 21.7
1935 - 20.1
1936 - 17.0
1937 - 14.3
1938 - 19.0
1939 - 17.2
1940 - 14.6
1941 - 9.9

(Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Now looking back, I'm not sure Lance has ever actually said FDR and the New Deal ended the Depression, but it's fair to say he at least implied it. Certainly, FDR provided leadership and instilled hope in a country in a country desperately in need of both, and he taught Americans they could look to their government in times of crisis and demand action, (None of which is chopped liver) but 'cured' the nation of the Depression? Just didn't happen, no matter how you counted the unemployed back then.

2) This whole notion of Republicans = Evil/Shallow and Democrats = Good/Nuanced is all just so much mental masturbation.

3) Even after years of Bush deficits to compare to, the speed at which Obama and the Democratic Congress are racing to bankrupt the Treasury is breathtaking. The problem is, that if the Republicans are hypocrites for worrying about spending NOW, and the Democrats aren't even thinking about applying the brakes, there's no one left to preach restraint.

Right now, we're spending about 20 percent of tax revenues paying interest on the Debt. That will likely be 30 percent by the end of Obama's first term after another 2 or 3 stimulus packages.



the New Deal DID reduce unemployment, which had hovered over twenty percent (nearing 25%) under Hoover.

No, it didn't solve it, but it sure didn't hurt.

Plus, you know, some of those public works projects were things like the Grand Coulee dam, which if not built, there'd be no Boeing and no end to World War II.

Chris The Cop

Not to mention the Tennessee Valley Authority. Here's hoping whatever's done works faster (and better) than the New Deal.


Chris, what's the implication of your TVA reference? Just adding another example of projects like Grand Coulee or is there something more?

Chris The Cop


It's my understanding the Tennessee Valley Authority was a successful example of infrastructure (dams) paid for by government funds during the Depression. It was in agreement with actor212's point about public works projects.


If the jobs of state workers don't really count as jobs, then the 20,000 California state workers being laid off shouldn't be counted as unemployed by the "logic" of the right wing.

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