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Now, there are practical arguments that I'm wrong.

I think you are right, Lance; I'm just surprised that 1) it took you this long to figure this out, and 2) you are applying this "cave-to-the-Republicans-in-the-name-of-bipartisanship" mentality only to Obama.

All Big Dems are the same and they all enable the Republicans. This is neither new nor surprising, particularly as, at bottom, both Republicans and Democrats are on the same essential side. Oh, the Democrats don't want to screw over the little guy quite as badly and they don't want to utterly destroy the entire country, but essentially? Corporate interests, capitalist interests, imperialist interests, all are things that the Dems will protect first, just like the Republicans.

Melissa McEwan gets it right in today's post. As did Krugman a week or so ago in his post on bipartisanship.

Doghouse Riley

SPADE: Don't be too sure I'm as crooked as I'm supposed to be. That sort of reputation might be good business, bringing high-priced jobs and making it easier to deal with the enemy, but a lot more money would have been one more item on your side of the scale.

-The Maltese Falcon

Likewise, y'know, I've been listening to reasons why Democrats have to cave for so long --"Reagan's too popular", "We're the minority", "We're the majority", "We need NASCAR dads"--that now I have to be convinced it's not the flip side of the song and dance Republicans gave their rank and file for four decades. Better to be known as bad bargainers and ever-hopeful bi-partisans, than as the GOP Lite.

Yeah, a Republican Commerce Secretary. I'm sure those guys expect that'll end gridlock when three personal visits asking for support for a President just elected in a landslide that kicked their asses couldn't conjure up a single vote. When's the next Transatlantic Pony Ride leave, again?


The game ain't over in New Hampshire is my guess. Lynch has to be pretty furious that his hands have been tied here. He's the most liberal Democratic governor in New England according to the Cato Institute, and follows only Jodi Rell on their hate list.

There's got to be something on the table for Lynch. He was just re-elected, so he;s not likely to run for Senate in 2010, but someone's going to have to smooth his feathers.


I don't see what the big deal here is - Commerce is a pointless cabinet department, and we get a more liberal Republican than Gregg in the Senate seat. What exactly is the harm supposed to be?


I think you're onto something with Obama having a need to be the "great conciliator." However I don't think it's fatal. I think the Gregg move was smart politics, and continuing to reach across the aisle regardless of Republicans rejecting that reach is one of his most powerful PR tools.

Sunny Jim

Cheers, Lance - I agree with John and Lina - it hasn't even been a month yet.

We have seen some things being said and done in the last few weeks that we haven't come close to seeing in the past 8 years.

I haven't been this optimistic about our democratic process since Martin Sheen's first term in the oval office.


BO was nuts to put this guy at commerce - he now gets to run the 2010 census which decides the legislative districts for the entire country...

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