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Howdy Lance! Glad to see you're still on top of anything you choose to review. Very few stories or reports I've read or watched saw it the way I did and you described; Philly was great, but the Giants .. WTF were they thinking??? Unexpectedly bad coaching lost that game.

Which is fine by me. Even though I too am a McNab fan, I always root for my rivals, and this year the AFC is All About my own Browns' North Division. Err... sans my own Browns... of course. {sigh} Go {shudder} Stealers!

Happy New Year!


Donovan McNabb is one of the good guys in jockstrap nation. Although it's better than it was, it still ain't easy being an African-American quarterback. As with Jackie Robinson in baseball, you gotta be better than anybody else.

From the first day in the NFL when he was booed for not being Ricky "Don't bogart that joint")Williams to struggling from attacks by idiots like T.O. and Rush Limbaugh, he's kept his sense of dignity and kept being the best player on a badly-coached team.

I want to see McNabb win the Super Bowl if only to hear what hallucination Mr. Oxycontin babbles before his head explodes.

Sunny Jim

Hi Lance - Happy New Year too.

The issues surrounding Burress are also interesting. With a multi-million dollar salary and the financial means to hire a personal bodyguard if he wanted to, what was Plaxico Burress doing with a loaded gun in his pocket as he was out having a drink in a nightclub? What was it in his upbringing or past experiences that drove him to think in those terms, i.e. "I can't go to such a place unless I have this protection"?

Reportedly, he was affected by a recent gunpoint holdup of a teammate.

Have we reached a point in which there are sections of our society in which gun violence is a now-permanent part of the landscape? If so, how has that affected the thinking of people who have been born and raised in those areas?

I recently saw a discussion on a hiking forum in which the question was asked: Is the Appalachian Trail a safe place? In 70 years, how many instances of gunpoint assault have ever been reported on any of its 2,000 miles? It was interesting to me in that I have hiked parts of the trail countless times and that question never occurred to me. I never felt the need to ask it.


The Stillers will kick the Eagle's collective asses in the Super Bowl, right after we send the Ballmore Ravens back home. Having predicted that, I am sure it's going to be a great game.


Lance, that's exactly why I root for the Eagles. As a former resident of Baldwinsville, NY, I always root for teams who pick up SU alumni. And it isn't even as if I went to SU. It's all those years of sitting in the Carrier Dome watching mens lacrosse.
So go Iggles!

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