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Sarah should just silently accompany the old war hero & keep giving Barack the space to fall on his face. Cuz Barry has his only little piggy bank of LIES to hide from public view.

But in a larger sense, you know that Sarah is bouncing around inside Obama's melon on a 24/7 basis and to watch the YouTube is to see that Barry was trying a snarky stand-up schtick that went horribly wrong. The first half had the crowd in titters as it got the reference---he just tried a double-bank cheap shot and now the MSM is trying to pull his chestnuts out of the fire [metaphor alert!]

BHussein-O is unaccountable and is now running to media morons like Letterboy to help extricate himself from his silliness. He flipped a bird to Hillary & the MSM gave him a pass on that---maybe he doesn't like strong women? Next he'll be on Keith Odorboy trying to dig out of the quarry pit of stupidity he has managed to dig for himself.

And people who bring up McCain's ancient love life should ask about John Sinclair's allegations---if only to refute them definitively, which noone has done [just as with Rezko, Ayers, Dohrn mentoring Michelle, Rev. W[rong]'s millions, and a lot of the Chicago Daley Machine earmarks for Michelle's workplace---that her hubby sponsored!!!

Not a word about The Anointed One's adventures before he climbed Mt. Olympus.
Unless he grabs Hillary & ditches Biden, Obama may be in a tailspin that's hard to pull out of.


daveinboca might be the first troll I've ever encountered here.

The Heretik

Hacking is as hacking does.

Palin McCain

Rove McCain's lies through Palin include her 20+ lies about be against the "bridge to nowhere" when she supported and even kept the federally earmarked money, Palin lied about rejecting other earmarks when she sought $197 MILLION in federal earmarks in 2008, MCCAIN LIED when he claimed that Palin sold the Alaska government jet on ebay when she didn't and in fact sold it to a crony contributor for %75 of what it had cost just to buy just two years prior.

McCain's got trolls that are getting brownie points for spreading his lies.

McCain is dishonorable, deceitful, and has less loyalty to America than he did to his first wife.


See, I think you're wrong. Not re McCain as a bag of washed up bones full of nothing, but in asserting that he ACTUALLY SELECTED PALIN.

I firmly believe the RNC Headquearters is calling every single shot that they possibly can. INCLUDING the selection of Palin.

I don't think McCain was given a choice.



Make sure you slurp your 1st coffee of the day be4 posting anything.
And don't forget your meds too.


Well put, Lance. He's also lying enough and befuddled enough on his own, and all his surrogates are lying, too. Still, you're right, every lie and fumbled answer from Palin reflects on McCain and his choice. Hmm. I think we got us a narrative...



There was a dog who had a bone, and BHussein-O was his name-o...

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