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Great post.

Just a note, though: It's Track who's in the army. Trig is the 4-month-old.


Good stuff; take issue with two things.

First, no decency. That's not part of the deal with Palin. She's corrupt.

Second, cops and firefighters? They're heroic. They aren't merely enduring - they are courageous. They have physical and moral courage and those are elements of real heroism. They aren't doing what they're doing because they have no other options.

You are so right about conservatives looking for the average guy or gal in their leadership. This ties in well with the conservatives' basic distaste for government and their belief that government can't help them and shouldn't help them and isn't there to help them.

Liberals look to their leaders to lead, to govern, to provide service. Conservatives are just looking for symbols - as in a monarchy. Their leaders' abilities therefore do not count.


Nice post. One weird thing last night was that Fred! said that being a POW is insufficient to be President, and no one has remarked on that. But when Wes Clark said it, it ignited a firestorm.


Random reflections:

The problem is we settle for the surface slide of personal narrative when it's the subtler stuff that gets to the essential insights. I still say the story about how badly the senior Bushes dealt with the death of their little girl tells us more about GWB than any of the cowboy stuff.

With Palin, it's the way and where she achieved that says so much. Her spunk, personality, and media-genic looks would have had particular power in Alaska. (Go look at the pictures of their 60 state legislators.) But more particularly, the way includes turning a tiny town's mayoral race into a wedge issue race, which she won by a vote of something like 665-415 in a town of about 6000. Her conservative church would have been enough to put her over the top with that kind of turnout. And thus, it turns out, a national career was launched. The where is a place few Americans understand, though we may be about to have a crash course in Alaska's own peculiar culture.

My husband, who grew up in Montana, has often joked that it's a great place for mediocre talents to soar because the competition is not keen and there are fewer people to fool. (That said, he considers Schweitzer and Tester to be exceptional talents; but then, Montana has matured.) Meanwhile, I think Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would have achieved success wherever they landed. That Obama chose the complexities and competition of Chicago and thrived there so quickly is one of the details that has been missing in the absurd Republican talking point that he and Palin have the same amount of experience.


I'm not sure her "average-ness" is the only story we'll ever hear about her - unless the RNC pays out more money than the National Enquirer (and they might). I have a feeling the whole "troopergate" cast of characters is going to turn up on Larry King Live. Stay tuned.


"The stories of Barack Obama and Joe Biden---and Hillary and Bill Clinton---are stories of good, hard-working kids who with no connections or money made it, through luck, pluck, and (for the most part) decency."

Correction: This is NOT the story of Hilary Clinton.


She left her hometown 20 million dollars in debt, accounted for 3 entries on John McCain's "objectionable" pork barrel catalog, and she ran Ted Steven's 527. Under her leadership as governor, Alaska is #1 in pork barrel spending.

Exiled in New Jersey

The GOP pitch is that running a state for two year and being a mayor before that prepares her to be president. But there is someone else who had the same qualifications in 2004.

Imagine if the Dems had nominated Jim McGreevey as Kerry's running mate.....same basic success track: Mayor of Woodbridge and Governor of NJ for a short time.


their belief that government can't help them and shouldn't help them and isn't there to help them.

Speaking as someone who's more familiar with the Western style of conservatism than the Southern, that isn't quite true. The Western perspective is that government is bad because it takes away your taxes and it infringes on your rights to do what you want (with regulations and such), but damned if we're not going to demand every last penny we can get out of it. There's a feeling that the government OWES them - for the inconvenience of having to put up with it the rest of the time.

(Alaskan conservatism, from my perspective, is Western conservatism on steroids.)

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