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I want more. I want the ceos and directors and any equity partners made personally liable for the difference between how much the gov't pays and the return when it sells.

Ken Muldrew

"Bush Leaguers don't fix things. They break them."

About the only sure thing that you can say about Paulson's plan is that it would provide an opportunity to break the central banks of China, Japan, and Russia (and others, but those are the principals). After saddling the US debt with an additional $700b, a direct attack on the US central bank (by Paulson) would take it down and cause the subsequent failure of the US's creditors. Say what you like about Paulson, but he's merely a cossack, and as you know, the cossacks work for the czar (and his name is Dick Cheney). Is Cheney that much of a neo-feudalist that he would take down the US economy to usher in a new world order? The thought is utter madness, yet only a fool would bet on rational actions from him. Hopefully the Congress is finally ready to state, "Can't get fooled again".


“self-anointed aristocracy. As far as they're concerned, the world owes them a living.”
Thanks for pointing this out. Because the conservatives I know always claim that liberals – and the “welfare queens” whom we liberals support – think the world owes *us* a living. As a liberal, I think all persons are owed 3 squares, basic health care, and a roof over their heads; conservatives seem to think they themselves – and they only – are owed Wealth.

“If you're generously inclined, this might put a different spin on Paulson's attempt to get himself declared czar of all the financial Russias in the proposal. No oversight from the courts or Congress, my eye! Paulson might have been figuring he would put in place the reforms he wanted before without any interference or foot-dragging.”
Paulson may be compassionate and intelligent, but he sure seems to be a Bushite at heart – oversight for thee and not for me. Like Justice Department and White House officials who laugh at Congressional subpoenas. I wouldn’t give him a nickel without strict rules and stricter consequences. Besides, this mess can't be fixed in 3 months. Gonna be a new sheriff in town come January, with a new Treasury czar. Will the unoversighted powers, and any undistributed billions, fall into the lap of the new Secretary?


The whole system of banking and credit needs an overhauling at this moment. he vested interest and selfishness has grown out of control within this last eight years. It urgently needs some measures to correct it. Public reeling with agony and utter helplessness. Every body is talking change, which is a must but between the two candidate the voter will have to see who is committed to a better change.



I have to disagree with my favorite President and The. Greatest. President. Ever. (oversaw the single largest economic expansion in world history, and that was without a war): the system is going to collapse and miserably. It is nearly unavoidable at this point, barring, well, WWIII.

Thanks, George.

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