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King Rat

Unfortunately, the Jays likely won't take Carlos back. They really don't have anywhere to put him at the moment. But a great player, as you say, and easily the best Blue Jay hitter of all time. I was rooting for the Mets in the 2006 postseason so Carlos could win a ring (he technically has one for the 1993 Jays, but I believe he played two games for them that season.)

I'm glad to hear you're taking this loss in stride-I've been a little worried about Mets fans, in the wake of two consecutive last day defeats in a row.

Mike Schilling

In other words, Shea is Candlestick Park East.


"Dump should have been torn down years ago. 1965, say."

Had that happened, I'd have missed the only game I ever saw there.


Personally, I'll be calling it Shea, thank you very much...

Lance, if the Mets had played .500 ball under Randolph, they would have won the division by eight games. This is an honest-to-god good team that for whatever reason couldn't get its act together under a nice guy, and waited for an even nicer guy to get things going.

Waiting that long guaranteed they'd wear down under the stress. I blame Scott Schoen-tell for the season, but in truth, you could pick nearly any position on the field...Ryan Church leaps to mind...and find one or two games that he could have been even average, and they'd have won the division.

Delgado? I agree. I think he's done after one last near-MVP season this year. It would be hard to say he didn't do all he could for this team during his tenure.

The big loss for the Mets, however, would be Oliver Perez, who finally showed consistency and the ability to find the plate. if they lose him, they really have trouble in the rotation. And seeing as Santana had to throw a complete game to win anything down the last two weeks, losing another starting pitcher is putting the entire staff at risk.

I'm not sure what the answer to the bullpen is: John Maine? Possibly. I like him as a starter, and while it's not unprecedented (Heilmann holds the only no-hitter the Mets organization has ever tossed), it would be a big hole to fill.

Parnell pitched well, but he's really young. At least he wasn't coddled down the stretch, he might end up a good set up man. Ayala is not a closer, unless John Franco can somehow teach him about placement of his change up and curve. I'd rather see Feliciano in that role. At least when he gives up a home run, it's off his pitch.

I think this September was far more frustrating than last, King Rat. Last year, it happened so unbelievably that we were stunned into numbness. This year it was like watching a Dali watch draped off a tree limb, torturously ticking off the moments.

Bill Altreuter

Why are you harshing on Lee Mazzilli? It wasn't his fault that when he was the best guy on the team the team was terrible-- when he came back in as role-player he was a dependable sub and a solid pinch-hitter, and he never seemed to think he was any better than he actually was.

Actually, when you think about the Mets there are a lot of players like that-- good guys on bad teams who were expected to carry the club. Neil Allen was another-- when he was traded to the Cards as part of the Keith Hernandez deal we realized that he was never anything other than a decent middle relief pitcher. Hubbie Brooks was never going to be Brooks Robinson, but we loved him while we had him, because he was the best we had at the time. It would be a fun list to compose, I think-- The Hall of Pretty Good.

Chris The Cop

FYI - The Skychiefs are called simply The Chiefs again, only they're not Indian Chiefs but engineering Chiefs, as in train engineering Chiefs (I agree - it's a beyond a stretch)

Went to Shea for three games with my brother and father two years ago and it wasn't the same, but I'll never forget the games I went to there (including two Banner Days)

I was at an Old Timer's came there in '64 and my dad caught a foul pop hit by a player whose name escapes me. He handed me that ball and I thought he was the greatest man in the world.


i actually have a lot of fond memories of Shea. my dad used to take me there a few times as a kid. i always got to pick the games. of course i picked all games where there was some give away, like bat day. (hmmmm i wonder why they don't have bat days anymore.) so one day my dad says ..RRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR of a jet that was the most profound thing my dad ever said to me.

good ol shea


I've probably watched more baseball at Shea than any other stadium, even though I'm not really a Mets fan. It is every bit as much an icon of the 1960s as are the Van Wyck Expressway, the Pan Am Building and the new Madison Square Garden. If Dodger Stadium is the 1964 Mustang of ballparks, then surely Shea is the Corvair.

It is perhaps instructive that the greatest Mets team, in 1986, played almost as well on the road as they did at home (53-28 vs. 55-26) and did play better at Fenway Park in the World Series than they did at Shea. As charming as the No. 7 Flushing for its customers, and a nasty ballpark for hitters -- fickle winds and sepulchral gloom in night games because of pathetically poor lighting.

Of course I'll miss it, just as I miss RFK Stadium in DC and Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, and very glad to have a nicer ballpark to take my kids to.


Bill Altreuter: Why are you harshing on Lee Mazzilli?

Bill, I didn't mean to harsh on Maz. I liked him as a player, and I was glad when he came back and was there in 86 and 88. I was just remembering the time when he was about all Mets fans had to root for and describing him as pretty good pretty much sums him up, unfortunately.

I'm all for putting together a Pretty Good Mets team. But I think Len Dykstra plays center on that one.

No way you will ever hear me say a harsh word about Eubie!

greg, lol! At least the new park is still in the flight paths.

Chris, well, at least the new uniforms are nice. Buy a cap yet? Funny thing. Back when they changed their name to the SkyChiefs my second thought was that they were referring to the locomotive and I was surprised when they came up with the flying baseball bat logo.

My first thought was, Why are they naming themselves after a brand of Texaco gasoline?

When and why did Toronto drop them?

HenryFTP: If Dodger Stadium is the 1964 Mustang of ballparks, then surely Shea is the Corvair.

Ain't it the truth!

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