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Bitter melon.

Ian Gray

I understand if you don't like beets by themselves, but good borscht is one of the best soups around.

The only trouble is that you look like an axe-murderer after you make it, as I found out a couple of years ago when I made it for the first time.

Borscht. Mmmm.

But to each their own.



I forgive you.

But - brace yourself - I like turnips and liver and lima beans too. And grits (with butter and maple syrup!).

Never had haggis, so I can't comment on that one.

Radishes, now... I could get behind a boycott of radishes, especially raw ones. Blech.

(I do think some of this is indeed habit, or misguided notions about nutrition, but I think also it's often that adults forget that what tastes fine to jaded adult tastes (beer, brussel sprouts (yes! I like them too!), coffee...) tastes horrible to children's palates.

When I was a kid, my favorite foods were shrimp, cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, and Kix covered with sugar. These days, I need a bit more "vim" in my food.

Michael Berry

Beets are evil. When I left my mother's house, I swore I would never another beet, and I've remained true to my word. She used to serve them boiled and buttered.

I just experienced a full-body shiver.


You know what sucks?


But not as much as lutefisk.


Put me down for liking turnips, liver and lima beans as well. And I love radishes! I always have a bowl of them in water in the fridge for snacking. Also, I like pickled beets best. Yummy!

The veggie that turns my stomach is green pepper - and the red ones and yellow ones. I can't eat any food that has peppers as an ingredient, no matter how finely they're chopped, nor can I pick them out of a salad, because the taste is still there. Believe me, I'll know if a green pepper was in the kitchen while you cooked something else for dinner! I also cannot eat anything with large chunks of onion. That's all about the texture; if the onion's pureed, I'll use it. Can't make a good soup without real onions, can you?


I'm with ya on the lima beans. They are vile.

Haven't eaten beets since I was little. My mom used to serve them a lot, and I liked them alright. The canned ones were kind of sweet. But I swear I remember her serving them in some kind of cream sauce once. They looked like they were swimming in Pepto-Bismol.


Pure slime, really.

Doghouse Riley

I ate a kumquat once to be nice to a girlfriend's father. Broke up with her the next day.

Brussels sprouts. I won't sit at the same table with them. Or in the same building.

the mudshark

call any vegetable
call it by name
and the vegetable will _respond_ to you

Molly, NYC

I hate to eat beets too. But I think they're very pretty, as cooked vegetables go. Pity about the flavor.


I like a good borscht, but living in Russia helps for that. (I was actually thinking of making some!) I wasn't as crazy about their cabbage soup.

You're making me think of that old SCTV sketch, "Beauty and the Beets."

Some vegetables I can only eat in a soup, or in small quantities mixed with other stuff. Cauliflower, lima beans and bok choi. I will say, though, I like veggies better than I was a kid, but apparently some of our taste buds die off as we reach adulthood...


Do you eat vegetables now? My kids both hate them and I have little luck fooling them into eating them. I have a lot of guilt over this. But every now and then I meet a seemingly healthy adult who tells me he doesn't eat vegetables and never has, and I think maybe it's not such a big deal.

With the exception of the slimy ones, I love 'em all.


Roasted beets in balsamic vinaigrette are actually pretty good. Brussel sprouts, though, I can't be having with. I feel as if I should like them - I like most mustardy greens - but I think of them as mushy rotted-tasted sulfur bombs.

I suspect this has to do with my mom, who has many lovely qualities, almost all of which express themselves outside the kitchen.


Who would guess a discussion about vegetables would be so compelling? Only when you're leading the way, Lance. Here's my two cents: beets are so sweet. And cold beet soup with buttermilk is the most beautiful color. Seriously, the most beautiful.

But you've got me thinking. Lots of people dislike me: I know that. Often, it seems to me that I've somehow given them a much more distasteful impression than any kumquat. Why? How? If I could figure it out, I'd change. Possibly, my entire problem, subliminal but constant, is that deep appreciation I have for beet sugar and that fabulous color.

Henceforth, I'm denouncing the vegetable.

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