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Beautifully said!


Oh, c'mon, if you look at McCain's tax returns, he's actually poorer than Obama. The fact that his wife is rich as Croesus and refuses to release her tax returns is completely irrelevant.


Amen! You are by far the best at articulating what most of us think. I have been saying for months that where you live or how much money you make does not make you an elitist. Elitism is an attitude and it can be found in a trailer park or a McMansion.
Thank you for your voice.


Love this post and love you for writing it. You are so right and you say it so beautifully. Thank you!

Tom Hilton

This is a great post, Lance...but for god's sake, why the snotty and disingenuous slam at Obama (and/or Obama supporters) in the first graph?


It was a shot at certain Media types, Tom. Certainly it wasn't a shot at Obama's supporters, many of whom are working class and small town voters, and it wasn't at Obama who's already making his own play for Clinton's blue collar and small town vote, and I don't know any Obama supporting bloggers who fell for that "she's after the uneducated hillbilly racist vote" line.

Chris Quinones

Lance, I hope you meant to use Democrat as an adjective in paragraph 9 ironically! And I'm with Tom Hilton about the snark in your opening, at this late date it's uncalled for, and your other posts today come from a place that's aware of this.

I think the thing with the "elitist" epithet is related in a way the concept of noblesse oblige -- Democrats by definition aren't noblesse, so how can they possibly oblige? They're just upstarts who don't know their place.


Next time the Village speaks admiringly of McCain's background, remember that he's been on a government payroll his entire adult life.

Where does his admiration for the private sector come from? He's had no experience with it at all, other than taking its campaign contribution checks and doing its bidding.


Perhaps more germane to the topic than my comment directly above is this quote:

If you choose to use your status and influence to raise your voice on behalf of those who have no voice; if you choose to identify not only with the powerful, but with the powerless; if you retain the ability to imagine yourself into the lives of those who do not have your advantages, then it will not only be your proud families who celebrate your existence, but thousands and millions of people whose reality you have helped transform for the better. We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.

Who might that be? J.K. Rowling, giving Harvard's commencement address earlier this week. Audio and video at the link.

Mike the Mad Biologist

remember that he's [McCain's] been on a government payroll his entire adult life.

Where does his admiration for the private sector come from? He's had no experience with it at all...

Probably from the fact that he's had no experience with it at all....

velvet goldmine

This isn't really my place to add this, but I was told that after RFK was killed, Pop Mannion gathered all of the toy guns in the house and disposed of them. That story always moved me.


Not only has McCain never worked in the private sector, but he's had government-run healthcare for his entire life as well.

But I should add that he does have some experience in the private sector. The experience of being married to the daughter of a multi-millionaire business owner.

Tom Hilton

Fair enough, Lance. And I didn't mean to detract from the post as a whole, which is beautiful; I just was bugged by what read as anti-Obama snark.

Allienne Goddard

Just so we're clear: Tim Russert, Chris Matthews and celebrity gasbags can be fairly rebuked for channeling what "real Americans" think and care about, when they do so without any evidence. These people are not "real Americans" by any rational definition. They are members of an insular elite which is motivated by concerns quite foreign to the average American. Just so we are clear.

Kathleen M

Hear, hear, Lance! Great post, and here's hoping the whole world listens.

Dan Leo

Hey, I was born in North Philly, neither of my parents finished high school, and I make my living with my hands. But I can read French, every day I make myself a pot of tea, not coffee, and I'm a goddam liberal Democrat. There must be a few other people out there who don't fit neatly into a demographic.

Oh, and as someone who's not crazy about either Hillary or Barack -- and let's face it, no one is ever going to get to the point of being a serious contender for president in this country unless they're more than a wee bit compromised, unless they're more than a wee bit in the corporate pocket -- I'd cut off my right hand before I would vote for anyone but the Democratic candidate this November.

Horselover Fat

Could there be a similar analysis about masculinity? I am thinking Mike Dukakis in the tanker's helmet, John Kerrey windsurfing etc?

gypsy howell

'Not only has McCain never worked in the private sector, but he's had government-run healthcare for his entire life as well."

He's had government run everything his entire life, starting with being born on a military base, going right up through his legacy free ride through Annapolis (near bottom of his class, BTW), and up into the future when he, unlike me and millions of other Americans, has a guaranteed pension and guaranteed healthcare until he dies.

McCain has been sucking on the teat of the American taxpayer since literally the day he was born.


I agree, but I think the answer's pretty simple.

There are two ways of approaching populism: cultural and economic. The former emphasizes popular culture over elite culture (however you define those), and the latter emphasizes things like income amount, income source, wealth, and all the rest.

Now, if you were a Republican, and/or a relatively wealthy media owner who subtly directs the nature of the commentary and stories through your hiring decisions, which would you want to emphasize? The one that seperates urban workers from suburban and rural workers, or the one that makes you look like an elite plutocrat? Especially when dividing suburban and rural workers from "urban elites" ensures that they won't listen to those "elites" criticizing the economic system that keeps you rich in the first place?

Seems fairly straightforward to me.


I loved your opening, Lance. Dont let em rewrite history - the Democrats who contributed to the stench in this primary campaign season need to own it.

I hear ya on the media stuff related to painting Democrats elitists, but here is the thing: everybody expects Republicans to be snobs. They dont expect Democrats to be. I never realized that so many fellow Dems were such unbelievable snobs until this campaign - and got it. No wonder so many non-rich white people left the party. I never understood that until the last few months. Who the hell wants to hang out with people who have contempt for you and your values?


>Fair enough, Lance. And I didn't mean to detract from the post as a whole, which is beautiful; I just was bugged by what read as anti-Obama snark.

Well, anti-Obama snark still works for me. A lot of people will vote for him because the alternative is McCain, but for no other reason.

Paul Gowder

This is a really fabulous post.

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