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Re the McGovern comparison, I agree. The thing that killed him and made him look like just another politician was the Eagleton mess, which was significant because it was about who the potential Vice President of the United States was going to be. Obama's biggest flap was about who his pastor was. While I don't want to minimize the Wright issue, my point is that Obama ain't McGovern.

Michael Bartley

I agree that it is over. In his speech last night Obama began the careful switch to a general election strategy. Most important, he was gracious to Clinton while reaching out to her supporters and calling for unity. Now, if she chooses to continue and I don't believe she should, Senator Clinton should begin her own transition toward party unity by subtly changing the tone and emphasis of her campaign. Beating McCain and the media, the two headed monster of modern political madness, will take unity and strength. Now is the time to begin to confront the real challenges that face this country and begin to, in RFK's words, seek a newer world.

Bo Gardiner

"I'm also pretty sure that sooner or later most of Hillary's supporters will catch Obamamania along the way."

Not while we're remotely conscious. Guess that leaves slipping us some roofies.

velvet goldmine

I cannot decide if the voting public is being over-estimated or under-estimated by this received wisdom that the down-to-the-wire battle on the Dem side is handing the election to McCain. All I know is that it's wrong.

There is no way on Allah's green earth that people are going to care this fall how close the Obama-Clinton battle was, or whether they covered each other in dirt in the process (They didn't. The preacher-man thing? That's the best ya got?).

There will be literally months of focus on the Obama (presumably) v. McCain fight, and that's what will be remembered.

I need a little time to grieve, I admit. Aside from what I like about her policies, I felt a warmth and resolve from Clinton and Obama's personality just leaves me cold. But I'll get over it. This is hardly the lesser-of-two evils scenario we've had before.


Wow. Everyone sounds so reasonable this morning.

I'll make a motion to select Wes Clark for VP. He's someone Bill and Hill can enthusiastically support.


Um, at other places in the blogosphere, the hate goes on b/t the two camps and is less reasonable, so that's why I like this place for a little perspective pick-me-up.

Mike Schilling

Hillary for Majority Leader. She would (and I say this in full admiration) be the most effective arm-twister since Lyndon Johnson.

Vir Modestus
Hillary for Majority Leader.

I second. Reid has been a disaster from the start. We need someone who will fight hard for the bills that Obama will want passed (especially since they are so close on so many of the issues, they're already certain to be *her* bills, too).

Being one of the wild-eyed idealists on the Obama side, I'm hopeful that there *will* be a change in the way things get done in Washington. Replacing all of the leadership positions in both Houses will be a wonderful way to start.

Chris G.

The RNC is in St. Paul, not Minneapolis, which makes me glad we wound up living in Minneapolis when we moved out here.

I fear Clinton is in very real danger of running this out so long she loses with no dignity intact.


Maybe this is off-topic. I've been thinking a lot about this, lately, and I find myself wanting to ask a HRC-supporter this question, and it might as well be a supporter of hers who I really respect.

How can you vote for someone who voted for the Iraq war, given the choice?

I suppose I'm showing my relative youth (just turned thirty), and I suppose it's not that different than the vote I cast for Kerry in the '04 general. And if, by some political miracle, Clinton does pull off a win in the primary, I will vote for her with a relatively clear conscience. I just don't understand that last part.

I mean, it's not even that she's said she was wrong; she doesn't think she was. And that just kind of kills me. This war is, to my way of thinking, the greatest disaster in modern American politics -- certainly one of the greatest violations of human rights in at least a generation.

And she thinks, or so I remember reading in the wake of those " doesn't agree with me" comments, that it was the right thing to do.

I'm curious -- obviously as a pacifist Quaker I come at this from a different angle than most Dems or even most liberal/progressive/whatevers, but I'd really like to see you address that. I mean, if you want to.

David Parsons

I'm not planning on voting for either of the center-right candidates who are vying for the The whole "suckered into voting for the B*sh junta's festival of war crimes" bit would have been more of a consideration if Mr. Obama hadn't have tacked vigorously to the right as soon as the ink was dry on the official vote tally. As it sits, when the Democratic party presents me with two basically identical candidates, of course I'd prefer the one who doesn't consort with homophobic scum (which Mr. Obama did in South Carolina.)

Doghouse Riley

Barack Obama is no George McGovern.

And more's the pity, really. McGovern was a good and decent man who offered a chance to break with the insanity of the previous twenty years; the current Centrist Democratic choices, surveying the wreckage of the most recent twenty-five years of right-Republican rule, vow not to be George Bush.

McGovern ran a great campaign to get the nomination, and an unspeakably lousy one thereafter, in which he was aided, not just by the Eagleton business--which deserves its own commentary--and by the popular appeal of Nixon's domestic fascism (Vietnam never dropped much below 50% support; despite this a major party candidate ran against it, instead of mumbling when the question came up), but by the Scoop Jackson/George Wallace wing of his own party. The fact that the McGovern campaign has become a sort of touchstone of hopelessness for the Democratic party should be--but somehow never is--viewed in the light of the overwhelming successes it has achieved since, as wave after wave of frontal assaults were led by generals determined to unlose the war two wars ago. (Mainstream liberal Walter Mondale gets slaughtered, mainstream liberal John Kerry loses to the Worst President Ever, and people may criticize their campaigns, but no one ever suggest the Liberal Democrat be taken out and shot.)

And now there's a choice between a woman who facilitated a universally-reviled war and a guy who says it was the wrong one and he'll "finish the fight with al-Qaeda". It's funny, but I don't recall the entire left blogosphere insisting, in the wake of Nancy Pelosi being sworn as Speaker, that the party move to the center, pronto.


Falstaff: How can you vote for someone who voted for the Iraq war, given the choice?

Fair question. I haven't had time to do much blogging today. I'll try to answer it in a post tomorrow.

Doghouse, you will never ever catch me saying anything against McGovern the man. And as for his being the most certain loser in '72, I agree with you that that had a lot to do with the historical and political forces that you point out.

Andrea G

If the votes from Florida and Michigan are not counted and their delegates not seated this yellow dog democrat will leave the top of the ticket blank for the first time in her voting life. Democracy means more to me than either candidate.

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