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Mike Schilling

Play "Free Bird"!


I know nothing about The Savages, and the link you provide for it goes to Lars and the Real Girl. So I guess you should write about the former since you've hidden its true nature from your readers. ;)


Do a Mozart Sonata cycle and landscape analysis of Jackie Chan and Jet Li , or not !


Whipping Post.

Failing that, Charlie Wilson's War.


Actually, I'd prefer "Layla."

The only one of those movies I've seen is "Horton Hears a Who," due to my babysitting my nephews one weekend when PG movies were in short supply. I thought it was crap, and an insult to the memory of Doctor Seuss. So I'd love to hear your take on it.

(And it is with great embarrassment that I admit I've still not seen "In the Heat of the Night." Don't tell the Siren.)


"Lars And The Real Girl," as long as I'm assured that you'll get around to giving us your take on "In The Heat Of The Night."

Then again, what about "Stairway To Heaven," the movie? (That's the American title;; I think the original English one was "A Matter of Life And Death." I have a weakness for Michael Powell, and for Ryan Gosling, come to think of it, although why I call it a weakness I'm not sure.)


I vote for Lars and the Real Girl.

Second choice: Horton Hears a Who


Let's get a movie made based on "Stairway to Heaven." After all, Kenny Rogers managed to do two made-for-TV flicks based on songs of his.


I'd like to know if "Horton" does indeed wipe the overblown ego of Jim Carrey all over Dr. Suess' simple tale the way it did 'The Grinch' - haven't seen it but you can tell it probably does.

Does Suess' wife need the money or something?


The Savages and In the Heat of the Night, please - and play Misty for me...


My wife and I really liked Lars and the Real Girl. I know it's sentimental, but it was an uncommonly sweet movie that showed a small town that could accept and embrace someone in spite (and because) of his problems, and despite their own prejudices.


In the name of all that's holy if you review Charlie Wilson's War please PLEASE do it differently from ever review of that movie I read and actually mention how that little piece of St. Ronnies war against godless communism, tyranny, puppy killing and kitten smashing was responsible for the Taliban coming to power after the Northern Alliance proved too corrupt and inept, which lead to bin Laden, Al Qaeda, 9/11 etc.
You know that pesky little thing about how when we go blow up a country good, REAL good, sometimes there are some unintended consequences.
Not one review I read mentioned any of that. Some liked the movie some didn't, but as to the factual content they all treated the war the way you'd expect National Review to treat it - some glorious example of the US standing up for freedom.
Yeah, the freedom to sell your 6 year old daughter into sexual bondage.
True fact: the deciding factor in the Afghani "freedom fighters" decision to take up arms against the PDPA (the pro-Soviet government) was a reform package which upped the age of marriage to 12 and placed some restrictions on dowries – which basically meant you could no longer sell your 6 year old daughter into “marriage” with some 50 year old who already had 3 wives. Those rugged freedom fighters weren't gonna allow that to happen, no siree bub. So we backed the pro child rape side in the name of freedom.
That’s why to this day every time I hear some smug conservative prattle on about St. Ronnie and his love of freedom and all us leftie pinko dupes who hate freedom it takes every bit of self-control I posses to not deck the bastard on the spot.
Freedom my ass.

PS: Smoke on the Water

Jim Miles

Shut the fuck up and just play some music!

Ahahah, everyone was thinking it but I'm the only twat twatty enough to post it ahahahkillmeahahah.

Seriously though, "fifty-two years later" - can that even be correct? That would make you seventy, or something mental, but you have little kids or something?! "No way!" Bill and Ted-style.

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