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Ralph Hitchens

Re. Hillary Clinton as "no more calculating than either Obama or McCain," I submit that one candidate and only one really merits that term, and it's Obama. He's the candidate with ice water in his veins, as the progress of his campaign has made abundantly clear. And this is a good thing, in case you were wondering.


To say that Obama is not as calculating as Hillary...well, the man six years ago was serving in the Illinois State Legislature, fercrisssake, just having lost a Congressional election and now he's running for President backed by the single most corrupt political machine in America, backed by crooked money from Tony Rezko, Nadhmi Auchi (former Iraqi oil billionaire and potential mega-beneficiary of Obama's victory) and former Iraqi Energy Minister Aiham Alsammarae, who fled Iraq with billions in reconstruction funds from America...and who has helped finance Obama's campaign for Senate.

That's pretty calculating, if you ask me!

He doled out...tautology is a good way to say it...a small compliment to a man that will either kick his ass in November (based on the current Reagan Democrat vote in the primaries, that seems likely) or he will beat handily....that last is based on a large star appearing in the east over Jerusalem, by the way.

Michael Wells

I am a fan but your attempt to explain your absence of criticism of Clinton for doing much worse fails miserably. She has repeatedly aligned herself with McCain in her attempts to distinguish those two from Obama. And as to Obama's comment,if Republicans don't need their criticisms of Obama to relate to the facts, then it doesn't make any difference what Obama says as it relates to those attacks. But yes, I am telling you that that's not what Obama said because I believe facts matter and need to be used as a sword and not merely a shield.



If Clinton is the candidate, McCain can and will mock her for her harrowing account of dodging little girls and poems in Tuzla. On Iraq, McCain can and will refute Hillary's criticisms merely by pointing out that she was "for the war before she was against it." On Kyl-Lieberman, and on Iran generally McCain can and will point out that there's not a dime's worth of difference between his position and Hillary's.

And if Obama is the candidate, McCain can and will argue that even Hillary thinks that he is better qualified than Obama to be commander in chief.

This is the legacy of Hillary's brilliant campaign thusfar.

David Parsons

“And if Obama is the candidate, McCain can and will argue that even Hillary thinks that he is better qualified than Obama to be commander in chief.”

At which point Mr. Obama could stare blankly at Mr. McCain and say “That's all very nice, but the voters have already said they don't want an incompetent leader, no matter how experienced, running the country.”

But I suppose it's easier to whine about how Ms. Clinton's not being faaaaiiir. After all, this will be the one time in the history of modern politics that the mainstream press will pay attention to that sort of complaint from the Democrats; when Mr. McCain blindsides Mr. Obama with much more vicious attacks during the general, the cries about fairness will simply be laughed at while the press fawns over the attack as another example of McCain's steely virtue.



I guess whining is in the ear of the listener.

Hillary and her surrogate husband have been going around accusing Obama of whining because he happened to share the views of most sentient beings that the last Democratic debate was a travesty.

Was it only a few short months ago that Hillary herself was "whining" at every opportunity about her treatment in the debates?

How time flies...

David Parsons

If the goal of the Obama campaign is nothing more than to defeat the Clinton campaign then, please, go ahead and whine. But don't be surprised if the old white guy wins the general election.

The sexism card that Ms. Clinton played worked because sexism exists, is very obvious, and *is* a substantial part of the attacks against her. The racism card (the bizarre "Oh, Jesse Jackson won South Carolina!" comment) that Bill Clinton pulled, then handed to the Obama campaign worked because racism exists and is very obvious. Attempting to pull a "She's a Republican!" card against Ms. Clinton for a true statement (Mr. Obama has very little experience[*]) doesn't work because, to be painfully honest, it would take a Karl Rove to play that hand and, guess what, he's an actual honest to g-d Republican so he's not likely to help the most liberal candidate left in the Democratic primary.

[* And, for heaven's sake, "experience" is /at this very moment/ wrecking the United States. The B*sh junta has, what, about 1500 years of government experience among them and all they've managed to do is to /repeatedly/ smash the United States headon into a brick wall. If Mr. Obama's campaign can't make up a advertising campaign based on that, perhaps he's not ready for the job after all.]


You're citing Lambert? The guy who characterizes Obama supporters views as "Why won't the stupid bitch quit?" That's nice. Thank you. You were saying something about how it's Obama's fault that Democrats can't seize the narrative. And all this time I thought it was because he was too busy fighting off attacks from his current rival for the nomination. What the hell was I thinking? Thanks for clearing it up, Lance. What a loser Obama is.

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