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Heh. Reminds me.

I got a '34 wagon and I call it a Woody
Surf City here we come
You know its not very cherry, it's an oldie but a goodie
Surf City here we come
Well it ain't got a back seat ot a rear window
But it still gets me where I want to go.

Well we're going to Surf City where it's two to one
Yeah we're going to Surf City and a-have some fun
Two girls for every boy

Chris the cop

I drive one (an 07) provided to me by my job. (so it doesn't cost me anything-gloat gloat) It handles well but doesn't get great gas milieage. (low 20s)It's bettr than a station wagon.

Eric k

For Station wagons, off the top of my head: Suburu, VW, Volvo, Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

I think your question should read: do any US automakers make station wagons anymore?

Tom Bozzo

The head of our admin staff had a deal arranged on an Escape, for some reason drove a VW Passat (along with the Subaru Legacy/Outback, a rare mid-size wagon choice not in the mid-5-figure range) before closing on the Escape, and bought the Passat so far w/o regrets. VW has been repairing a badly tarnished quality reputation, but owners of newer VW's I know have been happy with 'em. However, a lightly-used Subie is probably a better choice for a reasonably priced wagon.

I think the Escape isn't bad for what it is, but its cosmetic SUV-ness is to the detriment of fuel economy w/o a ton of added utility vs the VW and Subaru wagons, and that isn't really where I'd think you'd want to be looking forward.


well, if you're looking at the new Escape hybrid you're looking at 36mph I hear. Roominess and comfort with decent mileage. I think you can get it 4X 4 too.

Steven Hart

Subaru Legacy. I'm still driving a '95 model pretty hard. Consumer Reports said the ones before '95 were dodgy,but '95 and after were good.

Steven Hart

Subaru Legacy. I'm still driving a '95 model pretty hard. Consumer Reports said the ones before '95 were dodgy,but '95 and after were good.

Exiled in New Jersey

My sister is still driving my 94 Legacy wagon with few problems and 130K miles....I replaced it with an Impreza Outback Sport, a small sort of wagon, which has been just see a lot of them in real upstate NY....but now it needs a total new exhaust system, the first having rusted. Still, the engine will last forever.

Gray Lensman

Subaru Outbacks are popular here in Denver. Our neighbor who has two small boys just traded in her Jetta (which she bought before she had the kids) for an Outback. Also, she was having problems with the VW. The world's largest Subaru dealer is in Denver.

My wife is leasing a Lexus RX400h AWD hybrid for her business (real estate). She gets 26-28 mpg regularly in town, and up to 38 in the mountains with a light foot. The RX series is called a "crossover" (sort of a station wagon).

She's leasing because her next one will probably be even more fuel efficient.

Doug K

The Ford Focus was made in a station wagon style up until last year, probably a reasonable bet. The Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe gets good gas mileage, claims to be a wagon but has a very small luggage area (25cf, versus 38 for the Ford).

Subarus are nice but pricey, and the AWD costs a lot in gas mileage. BMWs etc are monstrously overpriced.

The Mazda 5 is classified as a micro-van, but it's the closest thing to a station wagon that I know of in the current market.

Ford Escape is an OK sort of SUV, but Consumer Reports doesn't like it:
"the 2008 Escape we tested scored too low to be recommended. "

Jim 7

Mazda3. Dodge Magnum. Jeep Patriot. Lots of Subaru, Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes and Volvo models. The MINI Clubman. SAAB. Kia Rio. Suzuki Forenza. Chrysler PT Cruiser. Chevy HHR.
But I just sold my '92 Olds Custom Cruiser, so I can't help you out with a freebie. Sorry.

M. George Stevenson

LOVED my 2003 Passat wagon, esp. after it was totaled and I saw how big a shot it had taken (from behind on the Henry Hudson Pkwy) without my being imperiled in any physical way (mentally... a subsequent panic attack in a similar traffic situation a couple of weeks later -- that's how scary it was). Only drawback was premium gas, but it got 26ish mpg in the city, 30+ on the highway; it was said that there will be a diesel in US for 2007 but it didn't happen as far as I can tell.

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