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Ken Muldrew

"I'm not sure what to do about this, except to keep pointing out to the Media Elites that there is such a thing as reality. But then reality itself has a way of doing that on its own behalf."

Trouble is, reality can be a pretty hard teacher. Take the levees in New Orleans prior to Katrina; the realist view was that they had to be upgraded or catastrophe would result, the balanced view was, I guess, that God blesses America and we'll take care of it when we can afford it. Now everyone agrees on the reality, but man, what a lot of suffering (but apparently not enough suffering to generalize the message that reality isn't a matter of opinion).

I think we should try a little harder to put a stop to this nonsense.


Great post, and also agree with Ken. We're headed into an economic depression because of this refusal to face reality -- this is going to be hard on people as well.

We were told today about our corporation eliminating raises this year -- even cost of living raises.


What a great post. This is what I've trying to explain to my "conservative" friends for a long time. Thank you. I now know what to say.

Bluegrass Poet

George W. Bush is not a very good President

You are a master of understatement, Mr. Mannion.

Great post. Great insight.

And what Ken and Apostate said.


Excellent. The difference between being conservative and reactionary is too-seldom addressed in the blogosphere and media. There's a real difference between wanting to slow down the car and turning it around (with the intention of running over all your enemies en route to ... wherever).

Kevin Hayden

Lance, you've uncorked an especially fine whine here, with this one. Are you prepared for the leghumping Chris Matthews will now be compelled to give you?

they have trained themselves not to actually report facts, but to ascribe them. Facts are always things some people are saying. Other people are saying other things. Squaring off spokespersons for reality against spokespersons for an anti-reality is "balance" and "balance" has now become the professional virtue.
I believe that sums it up nicely, Lance.
Michael Bartley

Excellent post that leads to a question that has been on my mind thru the maize of arguments I have had with conservative friends and family. Conservatives have argued against a "culture of relativity" or some such nonsense. They have argued that this is a major problem that eats at the very heart of this country's ability to determine right from wrong. They, the Bennett's of the world, have continuely implied that this is a/the threat of liberalism. Yet, in nearly every argument I have with conservatives, I am constantly faced with flat out denials of evidence that may lead to fact which may lead to reality and, Lord knows, some sort of truth. It is all liberal nonsense you know. So, what in the hell can one do to shake such certainty based on nothing but certainty and, ironically, relativity?


"Moral relativism" is a bad thing, unless it applies to war and torture of course.

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