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E. It's the most romantic.

Bluegrass Poet

It's a good thing I had no daughters. I despise those frilly little pink dresses with white tights. Despised their equivalent when my mother made me wear them.

So if it's fashion sense the mother wants to instill, in my judgement, she's still failing.

However, given this from Melissa McEwan, I suggest that the girls' football-player father wanted them to come to Easter mass all dressed up and the mother is rebelling in the only way open to her.


The girls were with their father, who was divorced by their mother after having his sex change operation. He hasn’t quite developed the fashion sense of a woman but made the nod to the feminine with the pink sweater. However… he dressed the girls as he always wanted to be dressed as a young child.

Ken Houghton

After that, I don't feel so out of whack.

The woman was without her husband, who used Easter to force her into an unwanted sexual encounter in exchange for his promise to attend services with them.

Needless to say, after he got what he wanted, he reneged on the deal, just as the girls came into the room all bright and cheerful.

The mother, getting no help from him, had to dress the two girls for church. After that, realising they were running out of time but still not aware that he was going to renege, let him go shower.

He took a long shower and then came out and told her he wasn't going.

With no time left, she did what she had to do, the only way she could—rushed through her own shower, knowing that he wouldn't pay enough attention to the daughters to ensure that their outfits didn't get messed up with breakfast and/or the mud outside.

Furious at her husband, she gathered the daughters and Made The Best of It at church.


The father was at home with their infant brother. baby sitting . The mother threw on the pink pullover after the baby threw up milk on her matching dress just before she left to take the girls to Mass.

I'm sitting here thinking this is way too practical an answer and not nearly as fun as the others....


The mother's Jewish, but the girls are not.

Altho J might have some energy to it.


RUTH!!! I love your answer. Sweet.


My read: she's a mom. I'm a mom. So I know this: Mom is tired. It's all Mom can do to function some days. This is why I made my kid dress up for Easter with his dad, while I stayed home and had my one day off.

My other thought was similar to Bluegrass poet's: that parents are divorced, dad has custody for at least part of the weekend (to take kids to Grandma's house), dad likes to see the girls all frilly, Mom doesn't care but didn't want the kids to miss church. a little convoluted...

I still go with: Mom is tired.

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