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Ha! Just a few hours ago, the OpenLab08 moved aside a few feet and is thus not the book closest to me any more. I think you will like the book that IS closest to me right now - it is racy. We'll see if p.123 is racy.....


As it happens, I was caught by this one. I answered it here.

Bluegrass Poet

Mine is here.

Thanks for the nudge toward posting something of my own but beings I've only published two chapbooks, I'd be lucky to get page 12, let alone page 123.

Copious links to my work at my blog, though, if anybody's curious.

Mike Schilling

David Halberstam, _The Teammates_:

(In some cases the way was easier precisely because the older siblings argued with their parents for greater freedoms for the younger ones.) For a time, Dominic, five years younger than Vince and three years younger than Joe, was assigned the job of reading and explaining the box scores to his father in the morning. Dominic knew the family had changed in some fundamental way when he was at Galileo High School and his father asked him one morning, "And when are you going to play baseball?"

Kathleen M.

Lance, now if I could just get Manny to follow through. Tagging people who write or edit books opens a new passageway to a well-trod meme. I like the democracy sentence the best; it's a sensible response but unexpected nonetheless.


OK, Done.


"He then moved on to every other major island in the group and said likewise. The I-Kiribati said okeydokey, possibly because Davis immediately banned trade in guns and alcohol, and soon went so far as to banish the more obstreperous missionaries, including Kapu the Lawgiver, two moves that in a very short while returned to the islands a peaceful languidness that they had not seen since the advent of the whalers. The chiefly wars that had riddled life in the northern Gilbert islands gave way top Land Commissions and local magistrates."
--J. Maarten Troost, The Sex Lives of Cannibals


this is actually challenging my grammar skillz. the book at hand is don delillo's Americana and page 123 has a typical semicolon loaded run on sentence from hell:

did the bacon represent the insignificance of numbers; the futile quest for infinity; the indivisible nature of god as opposed to the fractional promiscuity of the numbers? was it all a lesson in prime matter and substantial form: were the bits of bacon supposed to be numbers and the fried egg god? brand looked on in fascination...


Oh, so you have read it! I knew you would. Last month I found that one gleaming at B&N and snaffled it right up. A new Rumpole has about the same life expectancy at La Maison de Siren as a chocolate truffle.

The Countess

You saw my trackback by now Lance, so you saw my answer. Sorry about the hard SF stuff I had to post. I know one of the editors of that book, and he sent it to me. I'm working on a hard SF short story for a contest, and I hope I get published!

Still, I posted a hot sexy excerpt from my novel for you, since that's clear what you've asked for. ;)

Steven Hart

How's this?


D'oh! Apologies for my tardiness. I'm not sure about the gentleman thing, nor even the "scholar"... but here's my entry. I'm behind on my blog reading; I'll try to catch up...

If you're bored, there was an earlier Band Meme going around that was pretty fun.


Sorry for being late to the party, Laance. My surgical team was rather in shambles this week...I must simply hire more single-payer insurance physicians.

OK, my meme-theme is here.

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