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Bluegrass Poet

Michelle Obama in the White House. That's really a delightful thought after eight years of the glassy-eyed librarian and the well-shod classical pianist. Almost consoles me for the loss of Hillary.

As a disclaimer, I'd like to say that some of my fondest memories involve libraries and librarians and I'm sure Michelle Obama has a wonderful fashion sense.

Ken Houghton

I guess I'm now officially part of the Right-Wing Smear Machine. (see here and here—and note that I cited you on the latter.)

You know: I can live with that. I'll stop calling her "Sherry Palmer from the first season of 24" when she stops acting like her in public.

Mo MoDo

Dowd is just warning Michelle that her off-message grousing will be picked up by Republicans and used against Barack. If the Clinton's don't beat them to it.

Mike Schilling

(Paul Hogan voice)That's not a smear.This is a smear.


I agree with your arguments about Michele Obama, but I'm compelled to say that after seeing Chelsea out here last weekend (and seeing her be a good sport trying to dance a hula) I can confirm one thing; she is hot. Not smoking hot, but kinda Shelley Fabares hot.


Dowd is just warning Michelle that her off-message grousing will be picked up by Republicans and used against Barack. If the Clinton's don't beat them to it.

Dowd isn't doing any such thing. Dowd has a long, long, long, long track record of smearing the accomplished wives of politicians because Dowd thinks the reason she's alone is that men worth having aren't interested in marrying powerful, successful, equal women (for crying out loud, she wrote a book about it).

If men on the level she aspires to are happily married to women as or more successful and intelligent, it opens up the dread possibility that the reason nobody wants to commit might not have totally to do with their flaws.

I'm betting she never lays a glove on Mrs. McCain - an emotionally-crippled husband-poaching trophy First Lady with money is exactly what she needs to confirm all her worst self-serving prejudices. Thompson's wife got a pass too.

Tom Bozzo

tied himself into a perfect clove hitch to appease whatever Right Wing kingmaker has demanded appeasement from him that day

Awesomest line out of many in an excellent post, Lance.

Ken, shouldn't you take alignment with the right-wing smear machine as an, er, signal?


"And the Right Wing Smear Machine, which for some reason some very smart people seemed to think would go silent as long as we didn't nominate Hillary, is already geared up and ready to roll against Obama,"

Here’s the catch: I am an Obama supporter (or should I say “starry-eyed Obama supporter”) who is fucking sick and tired of Clinton supporters ascribing all sorts of right-wing tropes to us. No, I’m not starry-eyed; believe it or not I consider the Senator who voted for the war in Iraq and refuses to back down from that to be the wrong choice for the “liberal” party. If you can’t get the single biggest issue of the last 7 years right, and refuse to acknowledge any problems with it, perhaps, just perhaps, you’ve earned yourself a one-way ticket back to the senate.
As for the ridiculous argument that we all think the right will leave Obama alone don’t bother pointing to some lame web-site where some young liberal posted something along those lines; anyone who has followed politics for any length of time knows how the right operates. Frankly they operate a lot like the Clintons (and in all honesty I don’t say that as a slam on the Clintons – they play hardball politics and that’s fine by me.) But here’s the catch – Obama is running against and BEATING a candidate who is using proxies to smear him every step of the way - unless you consider Mark Penn and Tom Buffenbarger to be honest, honorable men. It’s almost as if he is a capable candidate who built a tough, flexible campaign infrastructure and knows how to go about running for president.
See, maybe Obama supporters are grown-up and able to make an informed decision and maybe Obama is tough enough to stand up the right-wing smear machine.
If you prefer Clinton, fine. Just make the case for her. Please stop insulting the intelligence of Obama supporters. We too are capable of making informed decisions.


Lance - Shuster's id? Love it!

Cindy McCain - about to do to Michelle 0bama what Michelle Obama did to Hillary Rodham Clinton: something about "tone". Oopsie. If Michelle retaliates, will Barack tell her to put her claws away? or will he tell Cindy to put Her claws away?

What a way to elect a President.


What Bob said, though not quite as passionately. I've got no illusions about Obama as Our Saviour, but I also think he's the perfect teflon candidate for the moment for all the worst attacks that are going to be coming his way from a very energized, crazy and desperate right-wing infrastructure. There's a jujitsu of being able to take an attack and make it boomerang on one's attacker, however, and Obama strikes me as a lot better able to pull that off than the Clintons right now.


I'm sorry, Bob, SFMike, too, This wasn't meant to be a pick on Obama post or even a pick on Obama supporters post. It was intended as a general warning about what's on the way from the Media and the Right. My wife is an Obama voter, so is my father, Pop Mannion, the politician. Neither one is starry-eyed. I don't think of Ted Kennedy and the Teamsters as starry-eyed people either. And there's hilzoy and Tom Bozzo and you and lots of my readers. But...

Over the last few months, in posts and in comments at many liberal blogs, in comments here, in discussions on and off the web, I've read and heard many, many people include among their reasons for not voting for Hillary the way she will stir up the Right Wing Hate Machine. Most of the people were Obama supporters and their point, implicit or explicit, was that Obama won't stir it up or won't stir it up to the same awful degree. It is in fact a feature of his own rhetoric that he will defuse or transcend or transform the Hate Machine. That's what all the talk of bi-partisanship and ending divisiveness is about. It's Obama's response to Clinton's "I'm the experienced one." He's saying, "What good is your experience if you can't get anyone to agree to anything?"

Now, maybe he will be able to rise above it or convince voters and the media to ignore it, but he's not going to be able to silence it. I think many people were somehow expecting that he would. These are the people I would call starry-eyed. Everybody gets starry-eyed sometimes, every politician attracts some starry-eyed supporters---well, maybe not Mitt Romney, but all the others---and pointing them out in order to try to bring them down to earth is not an insult to all other supporters of that politician.

As for the starry-eyed thing being a Right Wing meme---it's only becoming one because it's something about Obama's campaign that they see as a weakness---all the new voters who are so excited by him, all the screaming and fainting fans in the crowd, the Hate Machine will use them to paint Obama supporters as a bunch of hysterical teenagers. The Media's going to start making fun of them too. Digby has a good post on this. But that doesn't mean those crowds aren't there. But although we need to be careful about it we shouldn't have to shut up about anything and everything that the Right and the Media might use against him.

At any rate, I didn't mean to pick on Obama supporters, especially since it looks as though pretty soon I'm going to be one.


You might have to reach back further than Diana Ross for pundit's teenage black fantasy females. A lot of them are old enough to have gotten all hot under the tab collar for Lena Horne at least.

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