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the morning after super tuesday there was news alert about how al quaeda is raising a new generation of terrorists. You cant imagine my suprise at the timing.

Ken Muldrew

Perfect timing to establish the precedent that confessions obtained through torture will now be admissible in US courts. Could the dichotomy be any clearer that you're either with us or you're with the terrorists when to stand up for the rule of law means that you will let the Sept. 11 planners walk?

You people are being asked to swallow an awful lot under the hope that the nightmare will end with a free vote and a voluntary transfer of power. It might be worth thinking about how one should react if that doesn't happen. The project of taking back your country might properly be considered a campaign at this point, with some thought given to contingencies that are outside of the traditions.

Chris the Cop

Why? (to all of the above):

Inexperience with the federal justice system.

First, if this trial starts before Inauguration Day, I'd be shocked. Second, a conspiracy like the one you're suggesting implies an ability to coordinate. This is after all, to borrow that great X-Files line, the government that brought us Amtrac.

I hear what you're saying here, but I just don't see it as anything more than coincidence. The federal system (much like the military itself) marches to its own drummer.

Chris the Cop

And Ken M., I think your second paragraph is just plain silly. The next president is going to be a current US senator: Clinton, McCain or Obama. To hint that the country will have to be "taken back" if the wrong one wins, implying something darker than "a free vote and a voluntary transfer of power" is just your imagination running amuck.


Josef Stalin would be so proud.


Boy are you ever a CYNIC!

I'm sure it's just a big coincident.


on the other hand, this will be an opportunity for both hillary and obama to pull out their own versions of 'tough on terrorism' personae. hillary is certainly not a death penalty abolitionist and obama has not come out strongly against it either and i doubt very much that he will. i think this is one of the very many points on which an obama presidency will sorely disappoint the broad base of african american supporters he has pulled so (in my opinion) unwittingly into his fold with his "soaring rhetoric" and the promise of a new camelot. (excuse me while i barf).

and, on a slightly different note, i think that, in large measure, both hillary's and schumer's votes for the iraq war were payback to bush for his commitment to federal funding for the rebuilding at ground zero.

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