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I'll have a post sometime soon about how much I loved these two movies (Pirates 2 and 3). Seriously, I thought they were just grand. Loved 'em.



Love ya, man, love your blog, I have great respect for your taste in movies, and I'm looking forward to your post on Pirates, but you also liked Phantom Menace!


another actor who's done a better job of acting through what amounts to a complete mask other than Hurt I can't think of him or her.

Eric Stoltz in, errr, "Mask"

Uncle Merlin

YES, a big noisey mess. I turned it off and went to bed at the point they were carving out Will's heart! YUK!

The first one was stupendous, the next two were lost on me. I just watched for Jack and even then he was lost to me because of all the extraneous hoopla going on without any relation to a plot. Take the pirates meeting at the table, what was going on there? In fact they introduced Jack's dad so obliquely I almost missed it had I not known who was playing him. I point this out because in the trailers and mags last year this was made into a big point who would be playing Jacks' dad. What was it 2 minutes on screen with a vague reference to mom?

No,it didn't hang together in my opinion. The action left the plot and never came back to it. I would wager each scene in this movie was made by comittee and there was a new comittee for each scene. That's how disjointed it appeared to little ole me.


Marc G.

Unfortunately, it appears that there was one trilogy;

PotC: Curse of the Black Pearl
PotC: Flag of Tortuga
PotC: No Quarter Given

and then, in a parallel universe, there was this other trilogy;

PotC: Pieces of Eight
PotC: Dead Man's Chest
PotC: At World's End

but somehow they got mixed up. Stupid dimensional rifts.


ove ya, man, love your blog, I have great respect for your taste in movies, and I'm looking forward to your post on Pirates, but you also liked Phantom Menace!

Yeah, but not unreservedly, I point out!


PotC 2 wasn't half bad, but you got the sense they had to scramble for some plot points.

PotC 3 did scoop up a lot of the loose ends of the first two (and if you didn't stay for the easter eggs at the end of the first two, you were probably halfway lost already), but added so much stuff...well, let's put it this way: in acting classes, we can always tell who didn't do the work from the fact that they'd speed up their lines and actions so much that you could barely follow them. They'd shout but not scream, speak fast but never clearly, and their hands would whizz around the set.

Depp struggled mightily to find some new insights in the Jack character, but


As a Brecht fan, I'm not quite sure that's what they're going for, although when I heard Rossio and Elliot speak most recently, I may have missed it. ;-)

In general, I'm not a fan of movies that go for the big spectacle finale, so large that it loses characters. CG spectacles are the biggest culprits.

I also completely agree that Knightley is utterly unconvincing as a badass. That's one of the points I'm hitting in my forthcoming movie roundup.

Exiled in New Jersey

I suspect Verbinski and company did not want to go the way of Lucas and the original Star Wars trilogy....for letdowns, none was worse to me that watching those final scenes stolen from Gunga Din, or the whole film which, once they had gotten Han free from Jabba, became a recycling of themes replete with stupid Ewoks. The funny thing about that trilogy is that the middle episode was by far the strongest, and could stand on its own without the other two.

Seems to me Pirates began to go downhill as soon as Lord Beckett was introduced to the plot in #2; his 'evil' was something far too heavy for the 'let's make a pirate movie' crew that filled #1.

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