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Sigh. Is it still too late for the South to secede? Our bad, us Northerners- y'all be on your way now!

That's how I've felt the last 8 or more years. Republican rhetoric is always that blue states are godless, elitist, decadent wife-swappers, sodomites, and welfare queens.

Meanwhile, studies have consistently shown that Red State "Values voters" consume far more alcohol, pornography, have higher rates of spousal abuse and domestic violence, gamble more, and- most importantly- poor whites consume VASTLY more in welfare benefits than the black welfare queens of their fevered imagination.

I say, let them secede, let the South Rise Agin, Once It Gits off Its Lazy Ass.

Chris the Cop

Another thing you can't do as governor is run a multi-trillion dollar deficit and when you want to go deeper into debt, simply vote to do that. The notion that Huckabee had to balance a budget every single year is obviously lost on these 'true' conservatives.


I am too appalled by even the faintest prospect of an ordained Baptist minister also being President of the United States to find much humor in Mike Huckabee.


Huckabee may have the problems that Tristero notes, Lance. But keep grinnin' cuz the schadenfreude is justified.

Kit Stolz

As a Democrat and a believer in reason, Huckabee worries me. Not so much for this year, because he obviously doesn't have a clue about policy, but for elections to come, because he obviously knows how to bamboozle the faithful. Does he remind anyone else of Andy Griffith in "A Face in the Crowd?"


The south WILL rise again. Shit floats.


I don't quite understand the furor over the Huckster. If what he represnts is really so horrible, isn't it far better for it to be dragged out into the light so everyone can see it and judge for themselves?


Michael Bains

Kit makes the point that makes my skin crawl vis-a-vie Huck. I think it's great - this year - if dude gets the GOP nomination. I've read enough apocalyptic SF (and seen Ronnie lose to the Grin in '76) to fear what that nomination could mean come 2012.

Especially is Obama gets the White House and some "crisis" comes up before his 2nd term.

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