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Ken Houghton

Patrick notes that the tears may have turned the tide as well—but his reason makes MUCH more sense.


Sure -- personality, pursuits, pedigree! As long as it starts with a P! Yeah, she's got what it takes to be in the White House. Only Maureen Dowd can stop her now.


Oh, and I would add privilege.


How funny that you wrote this, Lance! When the NYTimes first started running columnists' photos, I was shocked to see how pretty Dowd was, because she wrote like a bitter, ugly girl. Her prose is so empty, so devoted to glibness over substance, that even when she makes a good point about, say, the Bushies, it's lost in her puns and alliteration.

Today's column really shocked me, though--there was a Mean Girls element to it that I think may be unprecedented in her career. Really loathesome, and a sign of the continuing death of feminism.

Melissa McEwan

Wev McEwan

LOL. Nutter.


[S]he wrote like a bitter, ugly girl.


I know nothing of Maureen Dowd's prose, but I do know that society's definition of an "ugly girl" has absolutely no correlation to any female's ability to write well.


Occasionally I get irked at the right wing's vitriol toward Dowd.

Then I read her columns ...

You remind me that the media cliche I want most to be retired in 2008 is the one that goes, "If I'm pissing off both sides, I must be doing something right."

No, if you are pissing off both sides, chances are you're a raving nincompoop.

Dan Leo

I had only ten minutes earlier just read (or started to read, then skimmed) Dowd's piece, and felt vaguely depressed about it (and I'm no Hillary zealot by any means), and then I read your piece and now it all makes sense. Thanks, Lance. In an impossibly better world you would have Dowd's job. Or at least Bill Kristol's job.

Mike the Mad Biologist

Every vote for Hillary Clinton is a knife through the heart of Maureen Dowd

Dowd has a heart?


I know nothing of Maureen Dowd's prose, but I do know that society's definition of an "ugly girl" has absolutely no correlation to any female's ability to write well.

Ah, but Joan, I said a bitter ugly girl. And as to whether that correlates to "writing well," I was referring not to style but content and tone.

And if you've never encountered the misogynist rhetoric of bitter ugly girls, I envy you.

david in NYC


Great minds think alike. I just saw this piece which perfectly captures my sentiments, which were on HuffingtonPost a few days ago. Maureen's obsession with hillary can only be deemed pathological.



Since they share the same obsession, maybe Maureen and Chris Matthews should get together.

What a pretty picture.


Always excellent to see you get your back into a post, Lance.

Just a brief addendum: with all the Matthews and Dowd material in the blogs today, I'm reminded that the interest these two show in Hillary & Bill may have an obvious (though seldom-mentioned) source. Both of them prospered enormously during the Lewinsky-Impeachment circus. Made their bones, you might say. Dowd won a Pulitzer; Matthews was part of cable TV blasting off as a medium of political influence.

The money and status accrued since then "prove" Dowd and Matthews are experts when it comes to the Clinton's marriage. And like all boors they can't help but bring everything back to their area of "expertise" and then talk too fast, spray saliva in your face, and pin you into the drawing room corner as they go on ... and on ... and on. One more bit of proof an election year for such people is, even in their own minds, really just an English department cocktail party.


I LOVED MoDo when she was ripping Dubya a new one, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Hey Campaspe,

Could you please point me to one example of the "right wing's vitriol toward Dowd"?

Matthew Wilder

As per usual, MoDo crushed it like an egg with this column. It's way facile to equate MoDo's exigesis of the Clintons' carryings-on with her own man issues. It startles me that so many soigne sophisticates in the James Wolcott/Huffingtonpost camp are beside themselves with outrage...that a reporter might suggest a politician's public tears are less than 100% genuine?


A knife through the heart of MoDo... and Peggy Noonan as well.


Jonst: To name one,, if you can stomach it and don't mind giving them the hit. Simple search turns up buckets of it, even when they are reveling in her Hillary-hate.

like I said, it doesn't mean she isn't a nincompoop ...

Mo MoDo

I find Maureen Dowd "smart, talented, beautiful, witty, and fabulous" enough to devote my entire blog to her. Her narrative of the Clintons is simple and a reasonable interpretation of the available facts: Hillary feels she is owed the presidency because she supported her husband through Monicagate. Your storyline may vary, but I see very little evidence to refute it.

And while scorned Clintonistas are the most vociferous Dowd-haters lately, wingnuts can be even meaner. Here is a digest of what some Freepers had to say about her.

Mo MoDo

You sniped me while I spent too long composing my comment.




Mo MoDo, while we disagree on MoDo, I admire your ability to compile that digest. More than five minutes at Free Republic and I have to draw the shades and lie down on the sofa with a cold washcloth pressed to my forehead.


Karen, if you've never been called an ugly girl, I envy you too.


Ah, Joan, no need to envy me. I spent my entire youth loathed and scorned. Believe me, I know whereof I speak.


Fortunately, I don't think a lot of voters are eager to stab Maureen Dowd in the heart, or even particularly care who she is. Otherwise we'd be looking at a Clinton nomination and a lot of people shaking their heads, staring at the blood on the floor, asking "Why'd I go and do that?"


And Dowd's hostility to Gore? And to Kerry? And her ability to make things up about them. That can be explained by.....? Maybe they felt the Pres was 'owed' to them as well. Further, what I find interesting Mo Mo Do, is that you think the nation gave, or gives, a shit one way or another whether Hillary stayed with, (whatever that means in actuality) her husband or not during the GOP lead insanity of the impeachment, and after.


i call this the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" argument.
this isn't' alway the case. just because media hates hillary doesn't automatically mean the clintons have our best interest at heart.


sorry KathyF, but a whole bunch of us want Maureen to stop her anti-Clinton garbage and waht better way? I think it will be grand when Clinton becomes President and Maureen tries to get her news pass renewed: "Uh, Ms Dowd, could you give us a sample of your writing please? We arent familiar with your work." Ha.

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