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Dr X

An interesting take. I think there is something to this.

Ken Muldrew

Even the stupidest fucking guy on the planet isn't that stupid. After every single military planner in the country had told Feith that there would be an insurgency, he damn well knew that it would happen. Which is why he had to go to such lengths to prevent any planning. They wanted a high body count, and if they could get it without having American troops doing the killing, "so much the better"!


Vietnam is an apt analogy in this regard. Our marines (and soldiers) won every battle they fought in Big Muddy, but we lost the war.

Why? Because the enemy never stopped fighting, no matter how much damage we inflicted. They weren't shocked or awed, even though we dropped more bombs during that conflict than in all of WWII.


Your boyhood game reminds me of "Zulu,", the 1964 movie about the battle of Rorke's Drift.

D.R. Marvel

Don't believe the bullshit about "never lost a battle" in Vietnam...


"The evil and the built-in failure of the neo-con world view derives from the way it turns foreign policy into a constant debate between ten year old boys with guns and bombs and it never considers that the punchline of any of those debates might be that sometimes the other side will include three of the toughest blighters you ever fought."

Very true. Add to the mix the fact that most Americans seem to believe that God (pictured as a muscular, middle-aged white man directing world events from his throne on a cloud) likes America best and won't let us lose a war. Unless, of course, we piss God off too much by electing too many Democrats or allowing gay marriage.

Jake S.

Spot on chap. Cheney's recent comment about whether or not the democrats in congress carry "big sticks" or not serves to prove the demented, childish, ignorant brain processes in these old farts. It's no different then the American Fat Joe lying to himself about his finances and forming a wall in his mind, and then buying that new car or that new rediculous home theatre system, or that new snowmobile for the snow we no longer get. The whole country has gone insane and is perfectly empathetic to their position in society.e


re: we never lost a battle in Vietnam. That old right wing line (which was repeated by McCain in a recent Rethug debate) was conclusively disproved by Col David Hackworth (Ret) in his autobiography "About Face". Anyone who believe the US won every battle in Nam but lost the war because of Democrats, comsymps (communist sympathizers) and the hippies needs to read this book.


The Pentagon can draw up a scale of foreign threats based on this boyhood game. But I don't know if using Vikings, Visogoths, Saracens, and the like will work. The general ignorance of history might keep Americans from being able to understand the threat of say, drunken Swiss peasants (level one) versus berserker Vikings hopped up on mushrooms (level nine).

But Lance has the makings of a good idea, so let's not waste it. A suggestion: Hollywoodize it to get the message across. A Level One threat would be, say, Don Knotts. Then you work up to our enemy of the week being the equal of Arnold Swarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, all the way up to the Level Twelve All-Time Existential Threat, Bruce Lee. (Or, if you're a conservative, John Wayne.)

Just an idea. I don't know if it'll work. Maybe I'm nostalgic for that yellow alert/orange alert thing we used to hear about so much.

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