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Is it ironic or somehow fitting that the best scene in Superman 3 depicts Reeve fighting himself in a junkyard?


I'm not even that big a fan of the Spider-Man comics, but lord I did know that the first movie had stuck MJ in the Gwen Stacey story--and then let her live. So when I saw the third film and suddenly there was a character named Gwen Stacey who served NO FUNCTION WHATSOEVER I literally said, out loud, "What the FUCK?" I was just angered, because it seemed such a slap in the face to all the real fans.

I actually spent about 15 minutes, after the film was over, ranting about it to the people I'd gone with. It was just so unnecessary!

Dan Leo

I probably won't get around to seeing any of these flicks, but, man, that accompanying photo at the top is steaming hot. That chick could work on my engine any time. If I had a car.

By the way, Lance, Kathleen Maher's Diary of a Heretic made the finalists for Best Literary Blog in the 2007 Weblog Awards, and the very talented Self-Styled Siren is up for Best Culture Blog. Get on over there and vote for these gals because they rock:


I know people who think that Batman Forever is unjustly under-rated

You can't be serious.


yes, to all of your observations. I thought Spidey III was way overcrowded and failed to build up any of the villain characters. And the "look at me, I'm cool" dance by Tobey under the influence of Venom was just awful. I just had a realization though. Maybe the directors think that the number in the title refers to the number of villians you have to show in the movie.

Spidey 1 - Green Goblin
Spidey 2 - Green Goblin's son and Doc Oc (Okay I'm reaching here)
Spidey 3 - Sandman, Venom, and Green Goblin II

What will Spidey 4 be? Doc Conners as the Lizard joins the Shocker and Sandman with Mysterio lurking in the shadows... oh yes, true believer. Count on the Lizard at least.

That Fuzzy Bastard

I'm actually someone who thinks Batman Forever is underrated. Not because it's good, exactly, but because it is the single gayest film ever made, and that's including the entire corpus of Kenneth Anger and the Kuchars. The nipples. The Batphallus... er, Mobile. One baddie in tights (with pink hair) flouncing up to another baddie in a suit, who shoves away the girls so the tights can get closer.

It'd be one thing if this was strictly visual subtext, but no! When Bruce invites Dick to be his ward, Dick furiously storms out, with the kiss-off---"Go to a lot of biker bars, Brrrrrruce?"

It just never ceases to amaze me that such a movie got made, much less that it did pretty well, when it seems to be a Batman movie written by Dr. Fredrick Wertham. And it is, in that sense, kind of awesome.

Plus, having a genuinely crazy person play Bruce Wayne made Bruce Wayne seem as crazy as he'd, well, have to be...


Kirsten Dunst just leaves me cold. She never seems to become the character, it's always "Wow, what a kick I'm playing Marie Antoinette/Mary Jane, and being paid so well. Hollywood is bullshit but I may as well have fun, slightly looking down on the dumb roles i'm playing. When's dinner?"

Just MHO, I find her deep as a postage stamp.


I liked Gwen Stacey in No. III, because she was actually trying to rescue people when the side of the office building was destroyed, and she had more personality than MJ. In retrospect, I was probably grasping at straws because those comparisons aren't saying a great deal.

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