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She should have approached him. Men are pussies and often terrified of beautiful women (for good reason -- many of us are unnecessarily cruel). He sounds nice -- she lost out. Next time perhaps she won't be a prissy little typical blonde and will do the common-sense thing instead of the culturally mandated thing.

Dan Leo

They're going to keep doing this every Thursday night for forty years, and then it's going to be made into a movie starring Kate Winslet and Jude Law as the young couple and then Judi Dench and Anthony Hopkins as the aged couple.


You know something, Lance? You claim not to like people very much, but I think you only think you don't. That you're a real sweetheart and that you really do care deeply about others comes through in your angst for both of those young people. Thanks for telling us the story and making us feel it with you, and for making us smile.


So tying this post to your last, I suspect we all get different things from different blogs. And I come here for poignancy. . .


Ohh! How sad. It's a "missed connection" on Craigslist.
What a shame.


Lovely, Lance

Ken Houghton

Back in the dark annals of history, when we were all much younger (the early 1990s), there was a panel discussion on Vampires at one of the Chicago-area SF conventions. There were some reasonable heavyweights in the field at the time--names I knew from bookstores and other conventions--and one person I didn't, a blond gamin with a cheerful attitude.

And there was a sketch artist in the back who spent his entire time sketching her in great detail.

I have no idea if he was actually Laurell Hamilton's husband, or if he became so, but you're now making me wonder.


Very nice!


Aw, man. These kids today! "Too much caffeine" could sum it up.


Why not post a note in the cafe? don't they have a bulletin board? When something like that happened to me, I went back to the same place on the same week night for weeks on end. he never did talk to me, though.


sorry to say this, you're way too much of a romantic, lance. be like me, a jaded cynic, and you'll realize that this probably isn't the first (and it won't be the last) lost connection resulting from mutual trepidation for either of them. it's probably all for the best.



Lance, those kids need less Dalai Lama and more Dolly Levi.


Loved reading this.

How many such encounters happen (or don't) and are not so aptly captured? Many, to be sure.


ChaChaBowl is so right.

I loved this post. Like Billy Wilder and his meet-cutes, crossed with Chekhov indeed (Act 1, the three sisters want to go to Moscow, but don't go. Act 2, the three sisters want to go to Moscow, but don't go ...)


One of your best, Lance.


It was Chekhov! I've been trying to think of who said that, one of my favorite little maxims.

Kit Stolz

I liked that. Once in a similar (if less corporate) situation in L.A., I saw a very attractive young couple, a hero and a truly Chekhovian girl, bright and aware and lovely, and for some crazy reason told them they should get married. There's not a lot to say after you drop a verbal bomb like that, so pretty soon I walked off, but at the same coffee shop a few months later I happened to see her again, and she seemed to look at me with real gratitude, though I don't think she was with the same guy.


Two reactions:

A memory: Waiting for the ferry to Catalina with my shy, gloriously good-looking younger brother in his 21-year-old prime. Young women all around the crowded ferry terminal are looking at him. Some even point and whisper to their friends. My brother seems oblivious to this Huge Obvious. Finally, I say, "Chris, are you aware that women notice you...that they actually stare at you?"

His look was so sad. "Yeah," he replied forlornly. Then added, "But they never come over."

A reflection: About your story, Lance - it captures exactly why "old" and "past it" rarely need to go together. I mean, only in the most constricted sense of things... Snap out of it, man! You were the alive person.

Kevin Wolf

Well told, sir.

Dr Blight

"She never lifts her eyes, hardly moves her head. She's posing."

At this precise moment in the proceedings, right here, is where you should have sat down in their line of sight.

And begun to masturbate.


Wonderful, wonderful story. Really well told. Thanks.

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