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Mike Schilling

I'm a bit surprised that Lance, being an expert on the subject, didn't point this out, but:

It should be illegal for anyone with legs like Coulter's to wear a miniskirt.

Ralph Hitchens

Yes, I think her slightly-naughty ingenue look is wearing thin. On more substantive grounds I would exempt Richard Nixon from the ranks of those who are trying to destroy the society America was in the process of becoming in the 20th century; he was of that extinct species "republicanus moderati" and, as I recall, a domestic liberal of sorts.


I know what you mean. I always want to point out that if you stripped away Coulter's long blonde hair, you'd have Miss Hathaway from The Beverly Hillbillies. But then I feel uncomfortable about making a putdown out of looking like Miss Hathaway, not to mention demeaning the actress behind Ms. H, Nancy Kulp, who was a smart and interesting person in her own right.

Melissa McEwan

Ann Coulter is packaged and sold as a pretty young woman. The packaging not only helps sell the product, it is intrinsic to its effectiveness.

The irony being that as long as people defend the right to judge women on their appearances for any reason, it will remain effective.

If you want to be able to give up longing for that squad of ninja barbers, the best thing you could do is subvert the standards by which women are judged and valued, so that Coulter's packaging couldn't protect her, no matter what it was.

You know I love you more than puppies, Mannion, but I feel like you're missing the big picture on this one.



she's a man, baby...


This reminds me of a book I really enjoyed, and need to dig out again all these years later: Zen and the Comic Spirit. [I *think* this is it, but I need to find my own copy to be sure.] I was particularly intrigued by the author's claim that Zen is the only major religion that admits humor as a teaching tool.

[Example, as remembered from the book:

PUPIL: Master, since I ended my study with you, I have traveled all over the world, met people from all stations of life, and never once have I struck anyone with my staff.

MASTER: That proves your staff is too short. (Rim shot.) Thank you. I'll be here all week. Remember to tip your geishas.

But I digress.]

The story I'm specifically thinking of tells of a traveling master who came to a village where one family had a young boy whose features were extraordinarily handsome. The boy ordered everyone in the village around arrogantly, and everyone put up with it because of his great beauty. The master watched enough to get his fill, then deftly broke the boy's nose and jaw with his staff. 'Now,' explained the master, 'he will have to learn how to get along with people.'

For the record, let me be clear that I'm not advocating that anyone break the Perfected One's nose and jaw--or commit any act of violence toward her or anyone else. I'm just saying there's a long standing school of thought that says Lance is on the right track here. In a world where the Perfected One couldn't coast on her vaguely tarty look, the Perfected One would soon have to find another line of work. Unpleasant people, per se, are a dime a dozen.


Melissa McEwan


she's a man, baby...

Thanks for totally making my point.


Thanks for totally making my point.

the point is that she uses her "looks" as part of her vile shtick and all the repressed mouth breathers who pant over her in their basements look right past her not so "girlish" features. too funny if you ask me... :^)


The Bagnotes guy did a great job on Ann C's cover photo for Time? Or was it Newsweek?

Anyway, here's the link if anyone is interested.

And for the record...I can't stand Shakes Sister. Angry, beautiful, or whatever. I get a headache reading any of her writings.


You are touching here inadverently on a key Dems problem. The issue in my view isn't slinging this kind of mud, it's a question of who does it. Coulter is little more than a right wing "shock-jock" mud slinger. She is making her living off of spouting ridiculous stuff. The left should have more of her equivalent throwing outlandish rhetorical equivalent rocks back - and folks on the left, including blogs, should expressly NOT worried about the oh-so-sensitive concerns you raise here.

That kind of cover keeps the right wing Coulters occupied and balanced out, so that the *sane* politicians on the left can work with the more reasonable elements of the right to reach real middle ground instead of the consistent march to the right. This is why the Dems permitting things like the resolution against MoveOn.Org is a complete mistake regardless of how outlandish and over the top MoveOn's comments might be. In point of fact, you don't see the GOP passing resolutions against the Swiftboaters or Rush Limbaugh because although those guys are extreme, their mere existence is useful to them as it moves the debate to the right. And so, while the Pelosis of the world should be ignoring Coulter, left-leaning blogs should be encouraging the ideologues on the left to match the Coulters punch for punch without hand wringing about who might inadvertently get their feeling hurt. After all, no one takes the far fringes seriously anyway - so if the left far fringe is left to be the Dem politicians, it's strategically unsurprising that the Dem Congress has folded like a cheap lawn chair on every issue presented to it.


No, travy, the point is that you are invoking an offensive stereotype of transsexuals as a way to make fun of someone who is loathsome because of her ideas, not because of how she does or does not adhere to traditional gender norms.

It's akin to calling a man a "pussy" or a "faggot" in order to insult him by impugning his masculinity - something that Ann herself has done. Do you really want to lower yourself to her level? Especially while criticizing her?


point taken rana, but coulter is just another right-wing (ahem) hatchetman who plays against type to insulate her hateful message. in my book, that makes her fair game and yes, i wish someone would lower it to her level...

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