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That may be true, but _Transformers_ is still a crappy movie with horribly drawn stock characters in the place of robots, an obsession with military hardware, the belief that we'd rather watch humans fight than robots most of the time, and the belief that it is really funny when in fact it is annoying (see "Mac, Bernie - 10 minute scene," for instance).


Interesting, Mr. Mannion.

I didn't see the movie when it came out in the theaters, primarily because it was directed by Michael Bay. And I have to say that, having finally seen it on DVD, it was better than I gave it credit for being. Still not all that good, but better than I thought.

Then again, I'm just going to assume that the good parts (like Sam and Mikaela's relationship) were written by John Rogers and call it a day.

Mike the Mad Biologist

What's your favorite action-adventure movie?

The Replacement Killers. Despite taking place in a surreal Chinatown, it's basically a western. It also has no wasted scenes, and Chow-Yun Fat and Sorino have superb chemistry.


My favorite action-adventure movie of all time has to be Raiders of the Lost Ark. I fell in love with Karen Allen in that movie.


I'd have to agree that Raiders is probably my favorite action-adventure movie. In fact, when someone defends the latest loud, mindless, crapfest by calling it a "popcorn movie" I point to Raiders as evidence that popcorn movies don't have to suck, and that being a popcorn movie is no excuse for sucking.


Went with the wife to see "Dan in Real Life" today; her choice this time, mine was "3:10 to Yuma" the last movie night.

It was a smart, funny, bittersweet movie about grownups, but what was weird about the evening was seeing a music video about the National Guard among the mix of coming attractions and infotainment before the movie started.

The music video was by 3 Doors Down, and was slickly done, with shots of the band mixed between recreated scenes of the Guard in a variety of locations and historic periods. The weirdest scene had a group of ragtag Americans in tricorner hats shooting from the woods at redcoated British troops that were out in the open; and the immediate thought I had was OH MY GOD, WE ARE THE INSURGENTS.

Anyway, I don't think the Guard was served well by this music video, as it implied that being in desert gear with a semiautomatic rifle in your hand is what happens when you sign up to serve two weeks a year for your community. Nor did it explain that if you're wounded, you ain't covered by the VA when you get home.

I used to think of the Guard as rescuers, not aggressors, people that fought fires and helped out in disasters. Now, they've been turned into an under-equipped, under-trained auxiliary of weekend warriors sent to do the dirty work for a dirty administration. These men and women deserve better than the deal they were dealt by the Bushies.

Ken Houghton


Indy frere shouldn't need no stinkin' Walgreen's.

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