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Ken Houghton

"Most Americans who collect Social Security begin to collect it at age 62, which is absurd."

Americans who begin to collect SocSec at 62 do so at a reduced amount from those who can wait until they are 65-67.

Since one's SocSec payment is reduced by your earnings, Will's statement, if true, means that people who are 62-65 cannot find jobs in this economy.

Since we're in the middle of the "Bush boom" (defined as one in which earnings and employment remain depressed as the economy "grows"), this cannot be try.

Only possible conclusion: George Will must be lying. (The alternative Hypothesis, H(a) would be that there are no jobs for the aging in this economy, which must be rejected. Just because.)

Ken Houghton

Ah, I see. People claim at 62 because Forbes tells them to do so.

(For the record, I, like Lindsey Graham, worked steadily from age 16 onward, started collecting SSDI benefits at 18, stopped at 22, and wasn't down to break-even with the SSDI fund, even, without adjusting for PV, until around age 28.)

Sunny Jim

Didn't we go through this three short years ago? Bush tried to scare the country into thinking that the social security system would run out of money before most Americans would be able to collect their benefits. In truth, and according to the Congressional Budget Office, the system could perfectly handle all payments - with no changes to the current structure -until 2046, 39 years from now.

George Will knows better. And now he's calling social security
"welfare"? Is he so given over and sold out to his bloviating sound bites on TV that he will just make shit up and dramatize it in that prissy way of his? I hope that for every one he convinces,
there are just as many people who feel the way I do: "Sit the f**k back in that chair and shut up, George. Or better yet, retire. Go away"

Further, David Broder and Dana Millbank had scare-tactic columns in the Washington Post this week, rehashing the stuff about Social Security from three years ago. Are our attention spans that short and our reading comprehension that poor that this issue can again be fabricated in the national media? I don't know, watch the new polls, and I'd bet dollars to Dunkin Donuts that people are as misinformed as ever on the issue.

Obama took up the call to challenge Hillary on this (non)issue during the debate. He's been to Harvard and should know better. Is he becoming that desperate now?

Exiled in New Jersey

What are these people smoking? Sweet Jesus, when Alan Greenspan tells us fixing Social Security will be relatively easy, how can these Chicken Little pundits and pols doubt him?


According to Wikipedia, George Will is 66, which means he's eligible for Social Security. I wonder if he's collecting.


i'm sure george will is or will be collecting his social security check. hey, he paid in, right? i bet george bush the first is collecting as well.

i really don't understand why means testing for things like social security is an issue so rarely brought up as a potential solution.

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