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billy pilgrim

I beg to differ.

I don't believe George W Bush has EVER had to face up to the fact that he screwed up in the past; therefore this would be the first time, if it happened.


Give 'em hell, Harry! Or just be another mental midget.


The man used to spend time in Vegas. He hasn't heard profanity before? He can't come up with a comparison to the Mob? Good grief, I couldn't get the White House's numbers past a accountant on crack and the Dems feel the need to be "statesmanlike."


KC, Harry is a Mormon, and they don't cuss (in public), so "unacceptable" is about as cranky as you're going to get. Think I read somewhere that the casinos hire the Mormons to take care of the money. They're very good at it.

As for the lack of plan, well, I think the Rude Pundit hit it this morning when he said that Iraq has become the same kind of show that Terri Schiavo was, spinning hope when there was none.

But there is a plan B. They're going to start another war. It will do several things: (1) show the world that we really "mean business," whatever the hell that means; (2)lock the current congress into supporting Bush, since they can't not support him during a live attack; (3) give the republican candidates a huge new bat with which to beat the defeatocrat surrender monkeys (I just hope they can come up with new insults, cuz I'm tired of these); and (4) take our eyes off Iraq. It won't matter any more.

Sure, there may be consequences. But who cares, right? They'll slide out the back door and it'll be somebody else's problem.

Halloween Jack

As much as you'd like to see Reid, or anyone else, be straightforward and call this pseudoplan "bugfuck crazy", it ain't gonna happen with any politician, with the possible exception of John McCain, who could maybe get away with it because folks think that he himself is a little bugfuck crazy.

And I think that maybe last year's W might have bust a gut laughing, but for some reason I get the feeling that now he may actually care, just a little, about already being seen as the biggest fuckup ever to sit in the Oval Office. There may not be enough people to maintain the reality distortion field with Karl and Alberto gone.

Painini (late as always)

I wondered if this is an East Coast/West Coast landlocked west thing, actually. Sure, there's no fire in 'unacceptable,' but there's a biting condescension in it. 'You don't hit the other kids, it's unacceptable.' Or maybe your strict-but-avuncular boss, shaking his head sadly: 'That sort of carousing on the company dime is unacceptable, Bob.'

Eh. Maybe you're right after all.



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