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"I want to strip you naked and roger you roundly."


Bummer... I can't say that to Grizzled, can I?? I've got to be the rogee, right?


Is it still humiliating to be outted as a lurker, and an ardent one at that? Hi Lance!


You refer to that cover shot as "heavily air-brushed." There is a school of thought that believes it is actually heavily Photo-shopped. Note the odd angle her head is to the rest of her body, which doesn't seem to be completely supported by the position of her neck. Look how pencil-thin her arms are, and compare them to any other photo of Ferrara taken EVER. Look at the two photos side by side here:
and ask if that's really Ferrara's body that her pretty, pretty face is sitting on top of.


Karen Not Karbo,

My using the word "air-brushed" was reflexive and a sign of how out of touch I am. Photo-shopped it is what they did. They thinned her neck and softened her jawline and whatever they did to her arms they forgot to do to her hands---look, they're too big for her wrists.

It's ironic because in one of the earliest Ugly Betty episodes a subplot revolves around a plump young actress whose cover photo is photo-shopped to make her look very thin. The actress, encouraged by Betty, refuses to let them run the doctored photo.

Karen 2, that is Karbo,

There is no shame in being de-lurked, only in lurking.

Jennifer, I think that's a question you'll have to ask Susie Bright or Trish Wilson. Remember, this is not that kind of blog.

Mike Schilling

I have read (I don't know how reliably) that the high cheekbones we now consider so pretty only became so after the invention of photography, because of the way they reflect bright light. Imagine a world in which Audrey Hepburn wasn't lovely!


So if I tell a woman I've not met before that I find her "gorgeous," it'll be taken substantially differently than if I were to tell her she's "hot." Count me skeptical enough not to test it (even were I not married).

"I doubt that Ferrara, if she's as smart and together as the character she plays, would ever regard being called hot in that way as a compliment." Why is that? I disagree completely. I think the test isn't she'd be complimented by someone calling her that directly but rather whether she would be complimented if she overheard Person A tell a third person - Person B - that she was hot.

To be honest, I bet that in fact most people would take overhearing that to be a compliment. I know I would. And as for someone who makes part of their living off of appearing on magazine covers? Even more so.

Perhaps the main point is that the magazine cover reflects an impossible to reach cultural icon - That may be so. No argument from me. But aren't those there for everyone? Male, female, kids? I sure can't throw a football like Peyton Manning. Why is this particular one so egregious that it drew your ire.

I'm sure this comes across too negatively and I like your blog much of the time -- but I don't get this post.


You went to college somewhere where semiotics was taught to freshmen?

And your anglophilia is showing. "Roger?" Granted it's better than some of the more vulgar Anglo-Saxon terms, but where's your American linguistic provincialism?


Mad Kane

I agree with your comments about the use of the phrase "she's hot!"

In his most recent Apple press conference, Steve Jobs introduced the closing act, a very good singer/songwriter who's name escapes me at the moment. At the end of his brief intro he said, "And she's really hot!"

While I was thinking how utterly inappropriate that remark was, my husband exclaimed, "No she's not!" (Of course that line may or may not have been for my personal benefit.)

What Jobs was really saying when he said "she's really hot" is "I'm really cool!"


First of all, the beleaguered husband commends you for your use of the word "roger"

Secondly, that is a humiliatingly bad job of photoshopping. The inside of her right elbow (our right) is significantly higher than the outside of her elbow, and they took the extra length out of her forearm. It's entirely possible to make someone look slimmer (if that's what you, counterintuitively, want to do - although I'm kind of surprised that America Ferrera would allow herself to be involved in sending the message "Even famously ugly people are prettier than you are") without making something this grotesque out of them.

It is, however, funny in a sick way that at it appears on the cover of the "1st Annual Figure Flattery Issue"

Thirdly, that was great. I'm going to have the kid read it, and that doesn't happen all that much with blog posts.

velvet goldmine

Whatever. One of the main benefits -- hell, the main POINT -- of fame is that there are teams of people willing to photo shop and airbrush you.


Back to the ubiquitous adjective "hot." At the risk of sounding like a sophomore English teacher (glasses dangling by a chain on my bosom, distinctly Not Hot), our compulsive usage of "hot" to describe everything from women to cars, shoes, music videos, PDAs, ad campaigns -- you name it -- has contributed to the disintegration of the language. (Man, am I sounding like a scold!) Really, I'm all for the evolution of English. I've even made peace with the verbification of "impact." But now that all any one wants to see or be is hot hot hot, we forget, as Lance mentioned in his post, that there is value in being comely, pretty, beautiful, fresh, cute, sassy, bewitching, handsome, charming, and my all time favorite, for which we have the French to thank, "jolie laid" -- applied to someone who is homely in such an intriguing, compelling way that they are beautiful. And may or may not be hot.


Lance? I would like to strip America Ferrara naked and roger her roundly. I think my wife would also...

I understand your point. I also think one of the reasons she is attracting attention is that she is real. It is like The Truman Show. Truman sees one face of one person who is real, and knows the difference. He spends his time trying to re-create that face.

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