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Gilliard's ghost must have been standing at your shoulder for this one, because he would have appreciated that white-hot rage. I certainly did. The sheer triviality of the media in the face of horror continues to appall.

It is 2007. Why in god's name should I worry about giving my children cough syrup?


standing ovation BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!

Bruce Hughes

That was great, but it seemed as if you stopped in the middle.


Hello Lance

This comment is not related to the post. Slate has a link to an image from your site.


I partial to Jane Hamsher's line:

Everything they touch turns to shit.

Tilli (Mojave Desert)

uhm, that was me.

mistah charley, ph.d.

Well said, and too, too true.

Except - well, in your words you said "No rich man has ever been a true friend of the working man and woman" - and just looking at the words, maybe you meant that - after all, as Jane Wagner wrote for Lily Tomlin to say, "No matter how cynical I get, I still can't keep up."

And yet, on the other hand, you insert pictures of Bobby Kennedy and FDR there - and one (like myself) might imagine that they WERE true friends of those who work, as evidenced by the hatred they received from the enemies of the workers, and the energy being expended by the Cheney Administration to destroy the heritage of the New Deal.

So either I disagree with your sentiments in part, or I agree with your sentiments and wish to explicitly point out that you may not mean what you literally wrote.


Charlie, Sorry about any ambiguity there. I meant the sentences to be sarcastic echoes of the pundits etc who want to dismiss Edwards and his populism and the photos of RFK and FDR were intended as silent, ironic refutations of those pundits etc.


"The supply of intelligent, talented, diligent, responsible people who would willingly devote their lives to being flunkies and making other people rich, while unfortunately not miniscule, is limited."

You seem never to have encountered any students at a business or law school, almost all of whom wish to be flunkies and make other people rich, as long as they can recieve trivial portions of that cash stream.

You have to start getting more serious. Everybody right now is equally wedded to the exact same economics. Everyone, except for a few obscure "weirdos" who are frankly considered insane. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards have the exact same economic principles as George Bush (neoneoclassical economics). Sure, they'd do a better job of technical administration. But the capitalism would remain the same. The analogy to FDR and JFK is completely wrong - FDR and JFK believed in Keynesianism, while their opponents believed in Marshallian neoclassical economics. I.E. there was a real, massive difference between FDR and his opponents.

"They love their families, they are kind to their friends. "

You can't have love, families or friends under capitalism. The reality is that those things simply don't exist anymore. Oh, pathetic simulacra of them exist, but the real deal existed only many years ago - i.e. before capitalism.

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