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M.A. Peel

On a petty note: I really don't like Harriet's dress. Any of them.

Ken Houghton

Harriet's dress in the previous scene looks like Jordan's gown here.


Ew...Danny kissed Jordan. I'm just a little bit sick to my stomach. Really, I didn't think Whitford was so very unattractive on WW. I think it's the pasty skin with the blond hair. And the horrible personality.


"On a petty note: I really don't like Harriet's dress. Any of them."

On an increasingly petty note: oatmeal usually looks best in a bowl, not a dress.



"I think it's the pasty skin with the blond hair."

The cast has been taken over by oatmeal. I think might at least be portrayed by steel cut oats and not instant, but I could be wrong.

Jim Tourtelott

Oh, thank God for Aaron Sorkin. Without him, how would any American know that Afghanistan is in Central Asia and does not have oil?


Interesting that in the 2001 version of the show they had a whole room of interesting writers and cast members. Gray hair bearded guy intrigues me. Too bad we didn't get a show about that show instead.

Ken Houghton

The grey-haired guy looks like BRUCE. Not the one appearing in a few weeks.


Good god, Matt is like a baby in the womb with its cord around its neck!


Oops, that was supposed to say, "Danny" up there. Apparently watching this show is turning my brain to oatmeal.

It did dawn on me though why Harriet is so frustrating to me... she is always saying no. Get ready to hit a puppy VG, but it is a common rule of thumb that one must say, "Yes, and..." in order to further a scene (especially in improv). Harriet is usually saying no. If she's so against all they're doing, what is she doing there? I don't buy her being there and that is usually what stops the story for me.

Puppies are now safe.


OK, I've lost track. Was jack in charge in 2001 too? Is he the longest tenured network exec in history?


I'm dying here - Cal the TV director knows all the security contractors in the world? And Matt is going to arrange the rescue of the 'airmen'?

Jim Tourtelott

Of course Matt isn't going to arrange anything. Matt is a drug-addled weenie, or was as of yesterday. This is a job for Jack Rudolph Action Executive.

Culture of Truth

Hmmmmm.....Bradey Whitford was in a famous early episode of "ER" where he played a guy whose wife had preeclampsia.

Dan Coyle

"We need Jack Rudolph!!!"


Yes, that has bugged me about Harriet too. I would think someone in her position would have had to have some enthusiasm for something at some point.


You're right of course. Matt's drug-addled brain came up with the idea, but it will take Jack to pull it off. Typical writer.


"Matt is a drug-addled weenie, or was as of yesterday. This is a job for Jack Rudolph Action Executive."

Now that is a show I could watch!


I'd like to believe that the military keeps company with and takes crap from all the relatives of captured servicemen, but somehow I doubt it.

"She's downstairs praying her ass off." What a lovely image.


I think Jack Rudolph, Action Executive, should have saved Jordan's baby.

Ken Houghton

Nice ring. Wrong song.

M.A. Peel

Wow. Witnessing a Sorkin meltdown in real time.

Culture of Truth

He's got a ring!


I can't stand wasting John Hiatt music on this couple.

Culture of Truth

Maybe they could trade her baby for Tom's brother.

I hear a healthy white baby can fetch a good price.


Or this couple.

Ken Houghton

Rational Expectations doesn't work in the real world, why is Matt defending it?

Culture of Truth

Just so we're clear - the cast, and crew, and studio management is all the same from 2002 to 2007?


ex-Illini thing too I guess!

Ah, let us pause and admire the iPhone.

Ken Houghton

But younger and healthier in 2001/2.

Dan Coyle

Man, this episode made me want to cry. And not in a good way.

Ken Houghton

$60,000 worth of damage at the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa. Not counting the Toyota that did the damage.

The scary thing is that it went through the whole mall, end to end.

Jim Tourtelott

I wish Lulu had been the musical guest. Then the music for the engagement scene could have been To Sir, With Love.

M.A. Peel

oh my gosh, I'm from Massapequa


Y'all will have to fill us in on any tivo switched over to the Daily Show here in the east...

Seriously, if harriet's reilgion is such an important part of her life, how can she be in love with someone who does not believe the same way, and has not changed his position on it one iota in 5 years? Same thing for Matt. I can see that relationship lasting a short time, but on and off for 5+ years? I just can't suspend disbelief long enough to accept that. Any more than I can Jordan being in love with Danny.

Other than that the show was totally believeable.

Ken Houghton

End to end of the mall, at dinner time: $60K in damage, only one injury (a woman who fell on broken glass). A staged scene doesn't go much better than that.

Check with your homies, but don't worry about them.


The religion / no religion arguments are tiiiiresome. So simplistic. No way they keep doing it for 7 years or however long.

I mostly liked this episode though. Melodrama. The song at the end was HEAVY HANDED, but that's the TV convention now.

ken Houghton

No; it was heavy-handed when Dawson's Creek used it, years ago. Now it's just inane. (And I'm a Hiatt fan.)

Donovan! Cool; do we get to watch some of his daughter's movies, too? Or even his son's? Something besides "Atlantis," please; the old perfume commercial, or (especially apt) "Epistle to Dippy."


Guh. I'm sick of Sorkin recycling everything and falling back on his flashback narratives when he wants backstory. I loved Sports Night, but after seeing those jokes and plots on the west wing, I don't want to see them a third time without the gravity of government or the levity of sports. Shut. Up. Sorkin.

The fact that Jordan needed to know the diamond quality before saying yes to the proposal made me want to kick something...good grief.

Oh, and props to Ken for noting the Dawson's Creek use of that song and the implications of using it now in anything. Sorkin and his team (Walden and Schlamme) sure have fallen from 'Eli's Coming' and Yo Yo Ma days...

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