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Mike Schilling

I couldn't pronounce the name of the band Roger Daltry was the lead singer for.

Just be sure they're on first.


Oh, Mike, I don't know.

Lance, you miserable meme-passing blob of protoplasm, I'll get you for this.

Ken Houghton

1) Lance is now related to TNH at Making Light.

2) Lance really wants to move back to Indiana. Or perhaps to Oklahoma. Not Arizona. What does it matter?

3) Lance will recognize the song, as well as the band that made it famous, referenced in #2, as they are his second-favorite band after The Monkees.

4) Lance's career goal, until he married The Blonde, was to be a movie projectionist. This was "inspired by" Night of the Comet.

5) Lance had never heard that band's version of the theme song to "Batman."

6) Lance's favorite store in NYC is Otherworldly Waxes.

7) Lance, as with Emily Joffe, cannot count to eight and therefore won't notice that I called this the seventh entry.

8) Lance, due to his #8, is My Hero, because it means I can watch Burn Notice or Hour 97 of The Starter Wife tomorrow night at 10 and not miss anything.


KH- The Jackson Five or Three Dog Night??

Lance, I still think you're in prison. :)


Done, you rat.


Thanks for playing, Lance. I prefer Mo.

Joh Padgett

Ive decided to make up some facts that in my infinite wisdom I have deduced from reading this post.

1. Lance secretly loves summertime because he gets to go shirtless in public while taunting The Blonde by rubbing his nipples and in a sing-song voice saying to her "Youuu can't do thiiiiiis"

2. Lance wants to be a pirate and is just waiting on a sale on frilly shirts before he buys one and hijacks a houseboat from Long Island Sound.

3. Lance secretly voted for Bush/Cheney for the express purpose of irritating himself because he was traumatized by Droopy cartoons as a child and John Kerry reminded him of the cartoon dog.

4. Lance eats lots of cheese so that he never has to shit on the floor. Because we all know either you eat cheese or shit on the floor.

5. Lance visits the Hoosier state as often as possible because he loves him some fried pork tenderloins and deep fried Snickers.

6. Lance is a member of the Biderbergers and Council on Foreign Relations and is charged with a major project in the New World Order takeover plan. His job is to recruit soldiers to the cause by writing this blog and embedding secret messages in the HTML code of his website that his NWO minions he is responsible for use to carry out attacks against the government.

7. Lance kicks small children and elderly ladies in the butt whenever he gets a chance "for shits and giggles" as he puts it.

8. Lance is actually Condoleeza Rice's pen name and he doesn't exist.


I'm so glad to find someone else who hates summer, up to and especially the light. A lot of people don't like the heat, but you're only the third person I know of who will throw the light in. Also, I'm in the Rockies, where it looks like we're looking still another year of record drought (and thus forest-fires) but I'm still surrounded by nitwits chirping about how wonderful all this sunshine (and temps ten-twenty degrees above average) is. Just salt in my wounds.

And at least you have AC. I have to listen to: screaming children, weed-whackers, the radio of the painters three doors down, hummingbird-sized bees bouncing off my window screens...

If I could sleep till September 15, I would.


I have done your bidding meme-sahib.

The Boy

Done and done.

Random fact: Lance Mannion = Aaron Sorkin.


Done and done.


Joh, I know you thought you were kidding around but one of your "made-up" facts about me turns out to be an actual fact. You've stumbled upon a truth, and it's a truth I can't let the world know. For that you must pay the price. I've dispatched my evil henchman. Settle your affairs.

Joh Padgett
"Joh, I know you thought you were kidding around but one of your "made-up" facts about me turns out to be an actual fact. You've stumbled upon a truth, and it's a truth I can't let the world know. For that you must pay the price. I've dispatched my evil henchman. Settle your affairs." - Lance
It's the tenderloins and fried Snickers, I know. I live in Indianapolis, I've seen you at the Indiana State Fair in line for those. I bought the deep fried Reese's in front of you, while chomping on an elephant ear. You know they screwed everything up for this year, right? They're going transfat free for this year's State Fair. Damnit, man! Damnit all to hell!

i think it's #3 ...


There goes the morning.....




As a fellow true hater of summer, I have conclusively solved the problem by moving to San Francisco: we don't have summers here - the fog starts coming in at around 5-6pm and the tempature drops to just above freezing.

The Viscount

Sorry this took so long - I've been away from blogging for the last few days. I got double-tagged by you AND Jeremy, so I am deeply flattered.

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