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roy edroso

I'll be the guy with the orange hair and the permanently surprised look about the too wrinkle-free forehead, leering from the driver's seat of his red convertible.

How will they tell you from me, or for that matter from everyone else at the orgy over the age of 40 (which I understand will be Franke-Ruta's next proposed age of consent)?


Roy, there'll be a field guide to drooling guys in red convertibles to help with that.


"Avedon doesn't think much of Franke-Ruta's proposal to protect women from their own decision-making because it would have the effect of turning photographs of naked adults into "child porn."  "

Current law still does that. A sixteen-year-old girl is no less an adult on a physical level than a twenty-year-old is. The age of consent is basically arbitrary anyway. This argument seems to imply that we should lower the age of consent to the non-arbitrary biological threshold of post-pubescence. Either that or it's simply asserting, not arguing for, the notion that 18 is the best age for an age of consent law.


I was just writing a comment on this elsewhere, and it occurred to me that, though I don't mind a few wrinkles hither and yon, there are things I'm attracted to and things I'm not attracted to, and the former are less frequently seen, and the latter far more so, in men my own age as I get older.

For example, my father still had most of his hair when he died at 86, but most men don't seem to - and hair is one of my hot signals. I'm nowhere near 86 and already I'd say that more than half of the men my age are showing significant signs of baldness. But I can walk down the street any day and see men with lovely hair. Of course I'm going to look at them rather than at paunchy bald guys.

But this is all about looking, not about who you date. I have no intention of hitting on those good-hair boys I see in the streets, (even though some of them, to my continuing bemusement, persist in hitting on me). I want to talk to people who have the same cultural referents I do, the same assumptions, the same interests - and that usually means they will be closer to my age.

I don't feel like a dirty old lady just because I notice attractive men who happen to be young enough to be my own offspring. I enjoy looking at them and forget about them after they pass by. It's not a big deal. I like to see attractive young women, too, even though I'm not at all interested in having sex with them. I think it's kind of sad that I can get away with saying that because I'm a woman, but for some reason we expect men to forget, once they reach a certain age, that attractive young women are attractive.

Kevin Hayden

Hey, Avedon, I often forget my age, name and what I came into the room for, so now I'm supposed to remember young women are attractive?

Beauty, I guess, is in the tingly parts of the beholder. Sure, physical appearance plays some role, but I find myself far more titillated by the lady with a perky wit and a firm, well-rounded brain.

I guess that means I'm old. Or maybe an orangutan, sans convertible.

mac macgillicuddy

"It's spring, the weather has been beautiful, and that means the lawns around town are dotted with blankets on which lie somehow already magically tanned college women in mostly nothing more than their glistening skin, and on my last trip up there I almost drove off the road, twice."

Whatever you do, don't go to Bennington, Vermont!

Nathanael Nerode

Actually, the American Pie movies were much better than you might expect, thanks entirely to Alyson Hannigan's character, who had a surprisingly consistently non-Puritanical, modern attitude. Which attitude wrongfoots and confuses pretty much every other character in all three movies. This is the basis of much of the actual humor.

Henry Holland

What I object to in the Porky's and American Pie movies and their ilk is the fact that the women flash their bits left and right but, with the exception of Dan Monohan's prodigious member in one of the Porky's, we never see teh cawk. Boo! Boo! Get that flesh colored G-string off of Jason Biggs!


As a young gay man, the release of Bronski Beat's Age of Consent album was huge for me and my friends. Tucked in the LP sleeve notes (and the first printing of the CD booklet; it was removed later) was a long list of the age of consent for M2M sex the world over. A couple countries had it as low as 10; currently a good number of European countries are in the 14-16 range. They're arbitrary and, as in the case of England until recently, can be higher for M2M sex compared to M2F relations.


Why would it still be legal to sell images of young men under 21 flashing themselves -- too afraid to take on the velvet mafia, or the huge gay porn industry whose ads back publications that gay and lesbian writers not as lucky as Ms. Franke-Ruta must cut their teeth on, if they want to write about gay and lesbian issues?

Would simple prosecution of people who make odious, aleatory contracts and get girls to sign them when they are too incapacitated to make legal decisions be enough?

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