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"Because this has been exactly the standard the Media has used to accuse, indict, and find the Clintons guilty of...whatever it is they're guilty of. The Media's not sure. They're just sure they're guilty.

You mean the media owned by the rich folks who support the party that Clinton was not it? How shocking!!!!


Hold on. Carl Bernstein is going to go rooting through the underwear drawer for juice on Bill Clinton's infidelity and its nefarious effects?

You mean this Carl Bernstein?

Their four-star union, possibly the most celebrated media mating of the 1970's (next to that of their Washington Post friends, Sally Quinn and Benjamin Bradlee), ended three years ago after Miss Ephron, pregnant with their second child, discovered Mr. Bernstein's romantic involvement with Margaret Jay, wife of the then British Ambassador to Washington, Peter Jay.

Ah, well. Write what you know. Maybe it'll be a how-to guide.

Kevin Wolf

Same quote for me as denisdekat had: Because this has been exactly the standard the Media has used to accuse, indict, and find the Clintons guilty of...whatever it is they're guilty of. The Media's not sure. They're just sure they're guilty.

You'll appreciate this, Lance. I'm reading my first Blandings novel, Something Fresh and have thereby been introduced to the Efficient Baxter who is suspicious of everybody, in a nebulous way. Sounds like our press corps when it comes to the Clintons and any other "gossipy" topic.

Meanwhile, the press continues to be ridiculously credulous in so many other matters - important matters - that they've lost nearly all credibility.


The impression I'm getting is that the media has been pushing Hillary as the nominee-apparant precisely because they think she'll be easy to knock down with crap like this.

But I also think some of the neocons like her because she's been kow-towing to the right-wing Likudnik fringe and still won't repudiate her vote for the invasion.

Kevin Wolf

Re the update about Hillary's name: This is without doubt one of the dumbest stories I've ever seen.

Ralph Hitchens

Bill Clinton's indictment was surely a travesty of justice. As one of my all-time favorite detectives (Nero Wolfe) once said: "It's not a lie if the person asking you the question has no business asking it."


Three most prevalent MSM talking points about leading Dem candidates:

Clinton = Maiden name/husband liability?
Edwards =
Obama = Skin color/black enough?

Our establishment media hard at work.

Jim Tourtelott

I am reminded of a song from a 30 year old Pete Seeger album:

"In the papers there's a story 'bout the mayor's middle name.
He gets it read in time to watch the All Star Bingo game."

(Or perhaps, these days, W. and Laura on Idol.)

The song is titled "Garbage."

Citizen Kang

Lance, Mediabloodhound, if you haven't caught it yet Glenn Greenwald has a great takedown of Politico and l'affair d'hair.

Am I wrong in suspecting that the volume of winger shrillness and MSM complicity rises in direct proportion with power and popularity of the Democrat in question?



Absolutely, CK. And since all three Dem candidates are relatively formidable, the shrillness and gossipy preoccupations are spread pretty evenly. I did read Greenwald's post today. Pitch perfect. For some reason I detected the former lawyer more than ever before. A brilliant piece of cross-examination. Politico, your next witness.

Grace Nearing

Bloodhound: Sometimes I wish, just to spite our lazy/stupid/vapid media, that:

Clinton = renames herself "Hillary X"

Edwards = shaves his head and donates a year's worth of haircut money to the Forced-Retirement Home for the Guild of Clueless Pundits

Obama = temporarily darkens his skin with iodine (like Ben Kingsley in "Ghandi") until after the election

Would Chris Matthews stroke out?


Carl Bernstein...wasn't he a journalist once?

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