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thoughtful pig

I noticed that good little girl nonsense also. I think you are giving Goodling too much credit in underestimating the level of cynicism inherent in the construction. I don't believe for a minute that it's "reality based." It was pure horseshit theater, played to another bunch of bad actors.

ken Houghton

She's eight years older than being able to run for the House. The Senate is 30. (Both of those are IIRC, so a five-pound bag of salt would be wise.)

ken Houghton

By the way, Everything Old is New Again; anyone else read this post and think immediately of Don Henley's description of Fawn Hall:

Lookin' like a beauty queen
Loyal as a wife
She raised her little voice and testified,
I am a good girl
I've been one all my life
But her virtue was as swollen as her pride
She should've had the Oscar
She must have been miscast
Her fifteen minutes went by so fast
I said, Now, baby, have you got no shame?
She just looked at me, uncomprehendingly
Like cows at a passing train


If you haven't done it by the time you're 33, a lot of people have felt, give it up, you're not gonna...

unless you live in nyc where adolescence can live forever...

good points on monica. i felt going in the goops were betting a cute (republican scale) blonde with a squeaky voice going up against all those uppity dems on the judiciary would play well to the 25 percenters and achieve some version of what ollie did back in the 80's.

the world's changed though. the people are more informed and politically savvy so the republican dance of a thousand veils just doesn't work as well as it used to. people didn't see a good girl trying to be nice, but a liar breaking the law for her side...

Dix Hill

I imagine in Goodling's Christian-conservative circles that some part of the definition of "girl" is "unmarried and childless" -- which also describes Miers and Rice. Of course, that ship has sailed for Miers and Rice, but Goodling is probably still looking forward to that. Despite a good career at DoJ I bet she'd have dropped it all in a second if she'd found a suitable husband.


It does help to explain Monica II's copious weeping in the boss's office when she first came under scrutiny. A woman sheds a few tears in a bathroom stall; a child runs to the parents, blubbering.



Ken Houghton: She's eight years older than being able to run for the House. The Senate is 30.

Thanks for the correction, Ken. That's what I get for relying on my own memory instead of doing the Google. I made a slight revision that incorporates the fix.

Love Henley song.

Chris G.

"That's the brink of middle-age."

You really know how to hurt a guy...


Somebody told me today that 40 is the new thirty, and at thiry-nine and counting, I'm clinging to that like a shipwreck survivor to lifesaver.

on topic: Ann Coulter, who I think is pushing fifty by now, consistently refers to herself as not just a "girl", but a "pretty girl". And even among humans, it seems pretty common for people in their mid-, maybe even late twenties to refer to themselves as "kids". But I can't imagine any male over the age of twelve calling himself a "boy".


I agree with thoughtful pig. It was a conscious, cynical, calculated turn of phrase. She's about as girlish as Lady Macbeth.

Bianca Reagan

And you say you're not a feminist, Lance? :)


"of course that ship has sailed for Miers and Rice."


Chris the cop

What's annoying in my mind is that this woman at 33,had been in this position since 2001. She got this job as a senior advisor to the Attorney General of the United States---when she was 27 friggin years old! She hadn't been out of law school an hour and a half!! What are these people thinking?

Molly, NYC

She got this job as a senior advisor to the Attorney General of the United States---when she was 27 friggin years old! She hadn't been out of law school an hour and a half!! What are these people thinking?

That women around the office should be tractable (which Goodling is, at least politically) and look nubile.

Beyond that, it's not just a matter of valuing party loyalty over competence. Genuinely competent appointees--grown-ups, who'd have some experience with the concept of professional ethics--would have rocked the boat (eg, most of the USAs who were fired).

(It also partly explains all those Republican twinkies who got civilian jobs in the Green Zone. Can you imagine how screwed this administration and its contractors-slash-donors would have been if they'd sent in some adults with real-world management experience? And maybe some CPAs?)

Chris the cop

Points well taken, Molly, and I WANT Gonzales to succeed...


They have to hire *girls* because women would ask too many questions and not just follow orders.


I was nowhere at 33. I am 41 now and just made it two weeks ago.

John Doe

Kind of troubling to know that none of this blog's readers are well-informed enough to know that she did NOT say she was a "girl." The word she used was "person." You can watch the video for yourself here.

Which kind of blows the very premise of this whole post out of the water.


John Doe,

Well, ain't that a kick in the head.

But I don't know why it's troubling to find out that the readers of this blog read the newspapers!

Doesn't change the fact that Goodling is a hack whose job was to fill the Justice Department with other hacks.

Doesn't change the the Right Wing's attitude towards women or the role of women in the Bush White House.

And you have to wonder which represents her real view of herself, what she wrote out presumably after careful thought, or what she said on the spur of the moment under pressure.

But you're right, it does sort of ruin the approach I took in writing the post and I do have to run a correction.

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