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It sounds like you have heard the same things I've been hearing the last two day. I don't know how many times I have listened to someone over the cubicle walls talking about VTech and saying "And now the liberals (or the media as if they are the same)will say ...". The thing is I never hear anyone saying any such thing. Yet that doesn't stop them from getting red faced, vein bulging angry. For something they imagined someone might, but didn't, say. I think Molly Ivins used to call it a waste of perfectly good anger.


Elvish is everywhere. Proud to say that I am.

There are no easy answers to what happened on Monday, and anyone who tries to say otherwise is a fool and a liar.

Meanwhile, buried way down in the headlines, today's death toll in Iraq:
• At least 166 people killed on Wednesday in series of bombings in Baghdad;
• 119 dead, 116 wounded in Sadriya market in central Baghdad.

Kevin Wolf

Not being of the Orc race, I only see this phenomenon from the outside and ask myself (for years now) just what makes this work. You've at least helped explain it. Now can you help make it go away?

billy pilgrim

Well done.

Fitting right into this is the explanantion for the antagonism towards the idea of energy conservation and alternative energies. By themselves, good ideas in any case; but since Al Gore supports it, it must be a Liberal Idea and hence, A Bad Thing.


Once, years ago, I was on a subway platform when there came the sound of gunfire, or so we thought. This platform full of people hit the floor, me with them. I have never seen anything like it, before or since, not in real life.

Well, it wasn't a gun, it was some sort of firecrackers. I can still remember two men flying over the turnstiles after the kids who had lit them, yelling, "You think that's funny? I'LL SHOW YOU BLEEPING FUNNY, YOU BLEEPS!!" They were big, big guys, so big I almost hope they didn't catch the teens because I am sure it wasn't pretty. But they were angry, because they had been crouched down with the rest of us.

And I am supposed to believe that all of these weedy little men on these tiresome, chest-thumping blogs would have done any different? That they would have heard a gun and run TOWARD it?

I have seen some sickening displays of macho-by-proxy, but the past couple of days really takes the biscuit.


Bossy loves this concept of Orc Logic as applied to those right of Right.


Have these Orc-bots led such sheltered lives? Or are they just bullshitting?

Accidents. Assaults. Insults. Broken hearts. Disappointment. Sickness. Death of my loved ones. Fear of my own shadow.

And then, afterwards, laughter because I survived and knew I was damned lucky.

Some of the stupid things I did -- and thought! -- and I survived.

This is normal, right?

I've no idea what I would've done at Virginia Tech.

Neither do the Orcs. Anything they say to the contrary is bullshit. They know it's bullshit and, oh brother, that knowledge is stokin' the fear.


My favourite example of Orc logic is from Sinclair Lewis' "Babbitt"
"A good labor union is of value because it keeps out radical unions, which would destroy property. No one ought to be forced to belong to a union, however. All labor agitators who try to force men to join a union should be hanged. In fact, just between ourselves, there oughtn't to be any unions allowed at all; and as it's the best way of fighting the unions, every business man ought to belong to an employers'-association and to the Chamber of Commerce. In union there is strength. So any selfish hog who doesn't join the Chamber of Commerce ought to be forced to."

Kinda like the way NRA logic works isn't it?


Orc logic is deployed most vigorously in the wrangle over global warming. The thought that human actions have anything to do with the condition of the planet's air and water is so repugnant that the orcs feel forced to reject any suggestion that cleaning things up a little bit in their city or state might actually be good for their immediate health and that of their kids, regardless of its effect on the planet as a whole. Not enough scientific evidence, they say. I assume that fear of being inconvenienced by altering their lifestyles is what inspires their resistance to change.

Christopher Davis

Lemastre: it's more direct than that. "Global warming is unproven and controversial, so we don't need to do anything about it; however, if there's even a 1% chance of a terrorist attack, we have to take drastic action that will curtail liberty to prevent it."

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