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I got confused for a moment as I read this. Confused because those of us in the Cincinnati area are eagerly awaiting the opening of our very own Creation Museum in June. This one, the brainchild of creation superstar Ken Ham, makes the Indiana museum look like a high school (creation science fair. I highly recommend his "Answers" radio spots.

Though I am usually loathe to link to my own haphazardly written posts, there are 45 Churches within three miles of my home.


Lance, did you ever make it to French Lick? I spent 7 years in grad school in Bloomington, though without a car, so all I ever saw of Indiana was the road between B'tn and the Indy airport. The,n spring break of my last year, I rented a car and drove around the southern half of the state. My fevered imaginings were nothing compared to the reality. French Lick was the high point, without a doubt. Pluto Water:

As one of my classmates use to joke, "French Lick isn't as interesting as it sounds."


Isn't Ligonier near the really good Amish Restaurants on the long drive between South Bend and Fort Wayne? I can't see any Creation Museum competing with a slice of chocolate pie with raspberry compote -- the best slice of pie I have ever had, so good that even typing the words produces a taste memory so intense that I am wiping drool from the corners of my mouth.

One of the great things about being from Indiana is how fun it is to aggressively defend the qualities of a place you no longer want to live. (Though I would move to Bloomington in a heartbeat.)


"One of the great things about being from Indiana is how fun it is to aggressively defend the qualities of a place you no longer want to live. (Though I would move to Bloomington in a heartbeat.)"

My thoughts exactly! I always say it was a great place to grow up and a great place to leave. I don't want to live there anymore, but I can think of many qualities/pros, I'd defend, Bloomington being one.

Dan Thue

from fort wayne:
The new Library is the BEST; i lived in Lansing, MI for 15 years before moving down here, and this town's library system was always as good as lansing's, which is pretty good, too.
And you say you never went to ACD museum? Dumbass. If you have any interest in cars and/or automotive history whatsoever, you will really, really enjoy it. Bring the kids.

Kevin Wolf

Wow. I've never set foot in the state but now I think I'd visit. I'd just never really thought about it.

I'd never heard of French Lick until I moved to Boston - the connection being it's Larry Bird's hometown.

The car museum sounds like a Dussie (sorry) and I'd gladly visit it. BTW, if you ever find yourself near Detroit, the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn is without doubt one of the best museums I've ever seen - sort of a Smithsonian of managable size.

Nancy Nall

The car museum IS a Dussie, although most spell it "doozy" and once, in the morning paper, someone went strict constructionist and tried "deusy." I did a story on the ACD Festival a few years ago. Interviewed a Cord owner from out west, who was stopped for speeding en route, in Missouri. He'd been going 80something. The cop was writing him up when he got out of the car, walked back to the cruiser -- bad thing to do in any case -- and asked the trooper to round it up to an even 100. He'd pay the extra fine, he didn't care, but, he told the cop, "It sure would be nice to display that ticket on the windshield at the festival, show people this 70-year-old car really can fly." The cop told him to get out of Missouri.


Lance, this is a great post and made me a little misty for my days in the Hoosier state.

I got to hear Birch Bayh speak once at a Monroe County Democrats function I attended with an ex-boyfriend. He rambled a bit, but it was great.

Mr. X

Northern Indiana tends to be more liberal than the southern half of the state, because the top part was settled by New Englanders and German immigrants coming in on the Wabash Canal, while the southern counties were settled by poor Scotch-Irish dirt farmers from Kentucky and points below.

Another way of thinking about it is Great Lakes vs. Ohio River Valley. I live in Illinois, and after the '04 elections I was thinking that a truer political division than red/blue states, at least east of the Mississippi, could be had simply by extending the Mason-Dixon line west to the Mississippi. You'd separate Cleveland (home of the Rock and Roll Museum) from Cincinnati (which prosecuted the museum that exhibited Robert Mapplethorpe's work), and it would pass just south of Indianapolis and Springfield, Illinois. Before '04, I might have extended that line all the way west to the Missouri, to include Minnesota and Iowa, but now I dunno.

Of course, that's still oversimplifying things. George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party, was born in my hometown of Bloomington, IL, and Dennis Hastert's Congressional district is well above the extended Mason-Dixon.


Kevin's right about the Ford Museum. I'm not a big fan of historical costume villages, but Greenfield Village is a great one. When I was there a few years back I saw a 19th century rules baseball game which was really nice and learned more about the silkworm than I ever expected to know. Big thumbs up.

Dave the H.

Didn't the Klu Klux Klan get started in southern Indiana?

(Not in a southern state, as many might expect.)

rosa salter rodriguez

hi there-- where are you now? and do you have any idea where the phrase city of churches was first used or how i could find out?

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