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Ken Houghton

Old punchline: "One of them is a scum-sucking bottom feeder and the other is a fish."

I do note that Vanity Fair (Gail Sheehan, iirc) noted Gingrich's affair at the time, though they did it discretely, referring to his now-third wife as his "frequent breakfast companion."

Mike Schilling

Of course, the Impeachment wasn't about the perjury either.

Oh, is *that* why is the same crowd that pushed the impeachment insisting that Libby should never have been prosecuted.


Aren't newts amphibians?


Great that Lance, Digby, Howler,Atrios, et al point this shit out. But what will really get my attention is the day that the Pelosi's, Reid's, Hillary's and Obama's of the world point it out. In one of the her rare moments of spontaneity Hillary pointed to the "vast right wing conspiracy" that was out to get her husband. But then the David Broder's George Will's and Dana Millbanks' of world came down on her for being 'conspiratorial, the supreme no-no among the high brow pundits, and she backed off like a scolded Golden Retriever puppy. And that was the end of spontaneity for her.

Michael Bains

Now. Now. Let's not be too hard on teh Newtster. He is a product of the Reagan years after all.

That Whitewater wasn't even Whitewater doesn't matter.

Kinda like that kinda thing becoming ubiquitous in the MSM, eh.

Nice post, boss.

Donna Queen

it's not a lie if the person asking you the question has no business asking it

This is actually a correct statement of the law concerning perjury. A false statement under oath is not perjurious unless the question concerns an issue of material fact. If the question is immaterial to the case, then it's not perjury. Bill Clinton's dalliances with Monica Lewinsky were at best of dubious materiality to Paula Jones's claim. Her attorney's questions were extremely unlikely to lead to the discovery of material evidence in the case (that's the standard in civil discovery). The measure of actionable perjury really is, no harm, no foul.


I really like the way you nail Clinton critics' "slick hillbillies" condemnation. If I can't slap you with my left hand, I'll hit you with my right. Jumbo shrimp, anyone?


I could be misremembering, but I thought l'affaire Lewinsky was discovered because of something to do with Vernon Jordan giving her a job (OK, I tried "position," but that only made it worse), and not anything to do with Paula Jones's lawsuit.



The stuff about Jordan helping to get her a job came out after the lid came off.

Monica's name first came up in the Paula Jones case. It's still not clear to me who did it but somebody tipped Jones' lawyers off to her. That was the perjury trap, if I'm remembering it correctly. But it went unnoticed until that infamous question was asked and Clinton stupidly replied, "I did not have sex with that woman." This was where Lucienne Goldberg and Linda Tripp came into it---or it's where the part they were playing in the "Vast Conspiracy" became public and that's when Starr had his excuse to pounce. If Starr hadn't been at work supposedly investigating Whitewater, but actually investigating everything under the sun that the Right accused the Clinton's of having done, including Vince Foster's "murder," they might still have found a way to get Monica's name out there, but since the point was to give Starr dirt to work with, and the point of that was to give the Republicans in Congress their excuse to start Impeachment hearings, Monica as a cause is for all intents and purposes fallout from the Whitewater nonscandal.

Suffering Bruin

IIRC, Lewinsky stated in an affidavit in the Paula Jones case that she had not had relations with Clinton and then called up Linda Tripp on the phone to get her to lie about it as well. Again, IIRC, Tripp knew what why Lewinsky was calling and taped the conversation.

None of this changes Lance's larger point which, IMHO, any thinking human being must agree with: Lewinsky was fallout from millions of dollars spent on a phantom scandal.

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