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Is Hiro the real hero of Heroes? I've got to start watching this show.


"Life isn't a comic book?" It is so!


Two dead chicks in five minutes. Were they important chicks? Were they heroes?


Hiro and Peter are the Heroes

Jim Tourtelott

This episode damn well better be good. I had to tear myself away just as Tom Doniphon was about to tell Ranse Stoddard that it was he rather than Stoddard who stood in the shadows and gunned down Liberty Valance. If I have to give up Hallie putting the cactus rose on the coffin and the train conductor saying "Nothing's too good for the Man who Shot Liberty Valance," it better be for something better than two doofuses stuck on a roof.

M.A. Peel

Your clan is off the charts--I think the Mcs are in that other corner of the Isles !

"The history of the name Mannion begins long before Irish names were translated into English. The original Gaelic form of Mannion was O Mainnin.

Spelling variations of this family name include: Mannion, O'Mannin, O'Mannion, Mannyan, Mennon and many more.

First found in county Galway.

Some of the first settlers of this family name or some of its variants were: Mary Mannon settled in New England in 1721; Edward, James, John and Patrick Manion all arrived in Philadelphia between 1840 and 1860."


One was cannon fodder (hearing woman) and the other was important as a nexus.


Theres no pedant like an Irish pedant, eh, MA?


"In this neighborhood, all the Donnellys had to rely on was each other." Then they should move to another neighborhood, shouldn't they?

Ken Houghton

Gage Whitney was Rob Lowe's firm in TWW.


Jim, what channel is Liberty Valance on?


Elayne, Heroes had another strong female character they killed off a few weeks ago. I can't think of any major male characters that have died.

M.A. Peel


Ken O'Houghton

A Brit f*cks u Keats??

Ken O'Houghton

TCM, but it's over by now, for the LV.

Ken O'Houghton

Ah. This was used much better in MILLENNIUM.

Jim Tourtelott

Couldn't Lucy at least have picked Ancient Mariner? She's supposed to be a writer, not a moron.


Hi El.
I didnt know this show was ending. I'll miss it much less than the West Wing or Sports Night but where will I get my weekly fix of corridor walks now?


A sketch writer, Jim. And we don't know her grace under pressure.


Elayne, we care about the lawsuit because we care about the lawyer and we care about her because she's being played by Kari Matchett.


A sketch writer, Jim. And we don't know her grace under pressure.

Ken McHoughton

UnfortunatelyCat, it's not ending; it's hiatusing while NBC tries to teach us that drunks are sensitive.


So is Tate talking to Matt or Sorkin?

Sorry about the double comment. Distracted.

Elayne Riggs

Whst's a "Kari Matchett?"

Ken McHoughton

Jordan has a sense of time! First time we find that this series!

Ken McHoughton

Blonde, Canadian, does S*ck-F*ck Channel type work.

Jim Tourtelott

Where is JR, AE when you need him?


Sacco and Vanzetti....I can't believe they brought that up after all these years. And there was no child involved.

Jim Tourtelott

I have to admit, among the many ways they could screw up the baby, guillotining did not occur to me. Nor have I ever before entertained the thought of guillotining Renee Zellwegger. But you know, now that I think about it . . . .


Ken: ok OK, but Wonderfalls was a good show.

M.A. Peel

God, I wish Alec Baldwin would pop up. He's Irish, ya know

Jim Tourtelott

Sacco and Vanzetti didn't kill a kid. That was Leopold and Loeb. And the kid wasn't a baby.

(M.A. , Baldwin can't do this and 30 Rock. If that could happen, I'd vote for trading Jane Krakowski for Paulson.)

Ken go Houghton

Domoni - Heard that; didn't even see it in the clutter.

Harriet being professional at the very end, but only then.

Erin Houghton

All season, Matt. Fakin it all season.

Dan Coyle

Note to self: GET A VASECTOMY.

Ken Bragh

Sorkin wrote this one, didn't he? Same pattern as with "Monday"; undermine it the next episode.

M.A. Peel

If anyone needs a little charm before turning in, I found a very sweet YouTube fan video of two characters with legendery chemistry. Pop on over for a night cap.

Bill Sherman

To this viewer's eyes, Suzanne is way sexier than Harriet . . .


Ay, where's the Strongbow on tap, 'cause I only take cider on a night like this.

As for Studio 60, now, they really went over the FRIENDS sexual harassment suit, by sexually harrasing the lawyer sent to take, er, depositions? If Sorkin only showed such infra dis bollocks throughout the series, then we'd give a damn that he's leaving TV for Broadway again....

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